(Baby 2011 Update)

As it turns out, today was not the day that we found out the gender of our wee one.

(Boo! Hiss!)

It appears that Baby 2011 a.) has his/her own schedule and agenda and cannot be rushed and b.) he/she is incredibly modest.

The doctor tried for upwards of 30 minutes to get our sweet little peanut to move around and ultimately uncross his/her legs. (I offered to get up and dance around.)

But this baby wouldn't budge.

The legs were crossed and WERE.NOT.MOVING.


Heavy sigh.

Here's what I like about this situation: I get two more weeks to wander and bask in the wonderful world of the unknown.

And, I'm sort of a big believer in everything happening for a reason. I have a sneaking suspicion that there was a pretty definite reason why I didn't find out the gender today. Yep. I think I get it.

AND, I'm pretty pleased that we have a modest baby. That's just the kind of trait I hope my children take kindly to.

Here's what I don't like about this situation: That we have to wait until August 30th for our next appointment. (Just two weeks.)


So can you stand it? Can you hang in with me for a COUPLE more weeks? Just 14 days longer?

Pretty please?



  1. Oh no!

    I think it's not just about modesty. I think this Baby2011 is ready to give you and C a run for your money :)

    We'll all be waiting with even more anticipation for your next appt! 2!

  2. Awh - bummer!!! Two more weeks of anticipation I guess. :)

  3. Down to 13 days! It'll be here in no time!

  4. Boo Hiss! Both my girls had their legs crossed too and made us do it twice. Look on the bright side that you get to see your little baby AGAIN in all his/her glory! How fun!

  5. Such a bummer!! However, looking forward to the next update!!

  6. Someone might be a little stubborn too! Or maybe He/She didn’t want to make it all about him/her and take away from your birthday celebration.....which I think is incredibly considerate of Baby 2011!! :)

  7. Oh bummer...didn't you tell her/him it was your birthday??! LOL

  8. Bummer! But I love your attitude about it ~ everything DOES happen for a reason!

    These two weeks will fly by, believe me!

  9. It's obviously a girl - a prim and proper young lady with her legs crossed.

    Can't wait to hear!


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