The Lionel

8/13/2010 04:08:00 AM

So, I was lying in bed a few nights ago thinking about baby names.

Naturally, Lionel crossed my mind. (For obvious reasons, if you're a regular blog reader you'll understand.)

Then I was thinking about the pronunciation of Lionel Richie's name.

I always pronounce it, "Lie-null" Richie.

Then I as thinking how much COOLER it would be to pronounce it phonetically. (This is my Spanish class' influence.)


That's awesome.

A.) It's very strong and powerful sounding.
B.) How cool is a name with the world, "lion" in it? I'll help you: pretty cool.

So. I think we all know the direction I'm heading in if this baby is a boy...


(Kidding. We've already got the baby boy's name down.)


  1. I'd like to see if you could get C to go for this. Hey and both kids would have two L's in their name.

  2. My dad loved Lionel when we were young and I always used to call him...

    Richie Liner.


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