Lila Lunes:
On your mark, get set, RUN!

8/09/2010 04:08:00 AM

As it turns out, my baby is growing up! It's true. She's a full-fledged toddler. Well, maybe not if she's still wearing size 9 months onesies. :)

Q. How's Lila?
A. GREAT. Her new-found walking freedom is FANTASTIC. It's been incredible watching her decide when the proper time to walk would be. Clearly, she wanted to wait until she was incredibly steady and able to carry various important items with her: i.e. her laptop, Lola bunny (her build-a-bear from Cousin Clo), her baby, sippy cups, plastic spoons and more.

Q. What else is new with Lila?
A. She claps. All the time. She started walking. We clapped. Now she claps. We think it's super cute.

 Q. Is she doing sign language?
A. YES! She's doing the sign for "more" and at the same time saying, "ma, ma, ma..." I think she finds actually speaking to be far more effective than signing.

Q. Anything else new?
A. Yep. I introduced one of those little kid forks to her this week. She truly was looking at me like I was nuts.

I'd stab a piece of melon, feed her from the fork (to show her), then I'd stab another piece, hand her the fork... and she'd laugh, roll her eyes, grab the melon off the end of the fork with her hands, eat it, and hand the fork back me to refill it.

It was like she was saying, "Whatev. If you want to use that ridiculous thing, by all means... just give me my melon, cool?"

Q. Anything else?
A. Yep. She sobbed when I left for work the other day.  As in, standing at the door, palms splayed against it, bottom lip curled and her crying/screaming.

:( It was terrible. I felt awful.

But Craig tells me she was fine after he offered her some food.


Q. Any other fantastic news?
A. YES! Lila has made it! She now weighs 20.1 lbs!!! WAH-WHO!!! (Yep, she's 13.5 months old.)

Q. Any other NOT so great news?
A. Oy, our two-a-day napper is attempting to drop her morning nap. Here's how this pans out: she's either SUPER tired and SUPER cranky if she only has one nap per day at this point... OR, she's really annoyed and really frustrated if she has TWO naps. (As in, screaming.)

So... we're working it out. Like all things with Lila, we've learned that it just takes  alittle while to get into the groove.

Our goal? An afternoon nap after lunch. Maybe, say around 1 p.m.? Yep. That's our goal.

(Notice I say, "goal" and not "plan." Plans seems to never come to fruition in this household.)

Well, I believe that's about all for us this week!

Here are a TON of pictures...

My sweet pickle smiling... and refusing to nap.

 Love the eyes-closed pics.

"See? I turned it on all by myself and play it when I'm supposed to be sleeping. Cool, huh?"

Lila HATES having bows in her hair right now. She grabs them out within minutes.

 And then puts them on Gil.

Or better yet: in her mouth.

Hugging Ferg.

And then petting her. Love it.

Sullen Lila. On her horse.

Do you see this??? She's nearly running

C. took this one. Here she is hanging out in the hallway one minute...

...then, she's down. (Not crying, just hanging out.)

Lila has her own kitchen cabinet and she hearts it. Big time.

The fridge letters provide endless minutes of entertainment.
She just doesn't quite get how to put them BACK on to the fridge, though.


Reading to Ferg.

(Notice that Ferg DOES appear to be listening.)

I feel this picture sums up our daughter's personality: quirky.
(That's her "My First Birthday" cake hat. She wears it everyday.)

Yay for jumpers!

Peek-a-boo is BIG in this house.

So is rubbing mashed potatoes in hair.

My favorite eyes-closed picture of the week.

My third favorite picture of the week.

My second favorite picture. (I love that face.)

My favorite picture. 

Next Monday will be a Produce Report (Version 2). I think I'm going to go ahead and alternate Lila Lunes and those reports.

Have a great week!


  1. mashed potatoes in the hair? awesome.

    i LOVE the third favorite picture (the 2nd and 1st are great too, but LOVE the first one).

    she truly is growing into a toddler. so adorable and i enjoy reading about her recent antics. keep em comin'.

  2. She is so much fun!! I love how Ferg is listening to the story!!! The pictures are awesome!! :)

  3. The first picture must be blown up and put in a frame. . . and then entered into a cutest baby contest. Lila Lunes are a highlight of Monday's. . . she is just precious!

  4. Congratulations Lila!!!! She's on the move!!! :)

  5. i LOVE the picture of her in her kitchen cabinet!!!

    good luck with the napping thing...yikes.

  6. Thanks, everyone. :)

    She's far too much fun.


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