Lila Lunes:
14 months young

8/23/2010 04:06:00 AM
 The many faces (within seconds) of Lila.

My Lila Ross is a small person. It's true. And, it's pretty entertaining to watch her become more vocal and more decisive. (Sometimes "more vocal" means she's REALLY, REALLY loud.)

Q. What's new with Lila?
A. Interraction and conversation. It seems as if we can truly have teeny-tiny interractions with Lila that really, well... make sense. When we ask her questions, she answers. She finds whatever we ask her to find. When we say, "Hand that to Daddy or Mommy..." She does! She asks for more (food), goes to the cupboard to even SHOW us what she wants. And yesterday, she walked over to me, grabbed me and took me to what she needed help with. (WHAT?! )

When did this little person move into our house? When did we get a roommate?!
Q. Most impressive this past couple of weeks?
A. Each night we take Ferg's collar off of her. A couple of days ago, she picked up Ferg's collar and took it to her, then proceeded to put it around her neck. She all but clipped it closed. I was shocked.

Q. What are Lila's favorite things?
A. Her sunglasses. Sweet potato puffs. Swimming. The hose. Quesadillas.

Q. Is Lila running yet?
A. Let's just say that she walks at a VERY quick clip.

Q. How old is Miss Lila?
A. She turned 14 months old on Saturday. (Holy wow.)

And now, on to a boat-load of pictures.

Sunglasses. In the house. All.of.the.time.

Topless, with sunglasses, on her laptop.
Like mother like daughter.

All ready to swim. 
How cute are those stems?

Looking at her "family" photobook. 
(It's full of our relatives that live in the States.)

A brief moment of stillness.

 In bed with Gil.

I love her Conan O'Brien hair AND that her arm is around Gil.
(And yes, she napped with him the entire time.)

Yes, it is what you think it is. It's a tinker bell princess playhouse from Lila's aunt.
And she loves it.

She especially loves the tunnel.
I love those toes.
And those teeny, skinny feet.

In the car on the way to swim at Aunt T's.


(Notice she is STILL wearing the glasses?)

This is Lila and her friend, B. 
B. comes over to babysit her so that I can get some things done.
Lila a.) loves her and b.) acts like a big girl when they're together. :)

Hugging Ferg.

Lila sharing snacks with Ferg.

OMG! They're both looking at the camera!

I sort of love this dress.

My sunglasses on Lila. 
Muy entertaining for all.


Taking cheerios and putting them on a random placement for Ferg to eat from.

Our days are filled with clapping. :)

And random senior-picture poses.

Gil gets more hugs that we do. It's true.

Bathing in the hall pre-paint job.
(Kidding. There's no water in that baby pool.)

Learning to share. Sort of.

Reading. Upside down.

Playing in our make-shift "wagon/sled."

Monkeying around. :)

...and that's all for the week, my friends!
Next week - a produce report...



  1. These pictures are so fabulous words to describe how fabulous wouldn't do them justice :)

  2. K, she is just so incredibly adorable. I love the "moment of stillness" pic. How fun that you are able to really communicate now!

  3. The Many Faces....awesome! loved seeing updated pics of the little cupcake! now that we see her every other week, you can really see how much she is growing.

  4. make me smile..thank you! Please tell Craig "HB"!

  5. Seriously, LOVE all those faces!!

    And her hair is getting longer and love the curls!


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