Let's talk eyeliner.

8/20/2010 04:08:00 AM
Traditionally, during my everyday life I don't line my lower lid with eyeliner. (I may have written this post before. I'm experiencing de ja vu.)


Because traditionally, I've found that I end up with far more eyeliner UNDER my eye than ON my lower lid thus giving the allusion that I've a.) been in a brawl or b.) been sleeping in my makeup for 3+ days.

I've recently changed that. A couple days ago I wore lower-lid-eye-liner and I'll tell you what - I liked it.

It was a bit of a change for me. And I may or may not have asked my sister if I looked slutty. (Because slutty pregnant lady ain't the look I'm going for.)

But I liked it.

What do you do?


P.S. That's not my eye, but it's a nice one, no?


  1. I don't use eyeliner for the most part. I do, however, use a very flat brush and line my upper AND lower lids with dark eye shadow.

    I love it on my lower lid. I feel weird when I don't have it there.

  2. i don't do the under-eye. i like how it looks on other people but because of my eye shape i feel like it makes my eyes look smaller.

    then again, i also only wear eyeliner like... once a year.

    hippies don't know anything about makeup.

  3. Sarah - I use the same setup that you use: flat, angled brush with the pot of eye color/shadow.

  4. I do what Sarah does, a flat brush with dark eye shadow on the lower lid. I only take it about 3/4 of the way though as I look funny with it all the way accross.


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