I'm telling you, August is a great birthday month.

8/22/2010 02:07:00 PM
It's true.
There are people in our lives that make us smile just upon the mere thought or mention of them. My friend, Written Permission, is one of those people.

Oh - she's who-larious, selfless, an advocate for all things good and appropriate (including, but not limited to, everything from animal rights to the usage of proper grammar), she's kind, and witty, and so intelligent... and did I mention funny? And she's totally and completely a friend at all times.

I'm thankful for our memories, I'm thankful for our daily emails. I'm thankful for you...
Love you, friend.
And I'm so happy you were born.
Happy Birthday!


1 comment:

  1. Very Late, but Happy Birthday WP! I have to say I am glad Ky. got you blogging because you are HILARIOUS and I love reading your posts!


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