I liked it.

8/01/2010 06:20:00 PM
I liked Chelsea Clinton's Vera Wang wedding gown.

I specifically fancied the bedazzled sash/belt thing that I feel that she should "totally wear again" to another function.

Or, she could lend it to the UFC so that they have a championship belt for the those who prefer a more blinged-out look.

It's cool to reuse and recycle these days.

(Click to make larger. And to see the sash/belt.)

More wedding photos here.

And P.S. - I really do like the gown and the sash/belt thing.


  1. I love it too! Very very awesome dress (I don't see many dresses I like these days).

  2. I thought her gown was awesome!! I loved all the wedding pics!! I think it's very cool she was true to herself and went with her own choice of designer. Vera Wang is awesome and she did an amazing job as usual!!!

  3. The dress was gorgeous! Modern yet classic.

    I wish her well. When you think about how her life COULD have turned out - growing up under not normal circumstances (understatement) - I'd say she's done quite well for herself. Good for her.

  4. I agree Mickey D. Remember how awkward she was - and how horrible it must have been being a teenager in the White House. Now look at her! I also would like to wish her well. PS Gorgeous setting for the wedding.


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