Hot in less than a minute.

8/31/2010 05:51:00 AM
These travel hot rollers were my find of the century when we were back in Ohio this past July-ish.

They were on clearance at Target for something like $12 or $14 so I gave 'em a whirl. I like long, loose curls and wanted something to help me while I was in Ohio. (I traveled sans curling iron, blow dryer, etc.)

In this little travel pack, which is about the size of two Kraft Macaroni and Cheese boxes put together (yes, that is yet another food reference) -- are ten hot rollers. (Five "large" and five "extra large.") The little pack is lightweight and the hair roller pins are stored in the package ever-so-neatly.

Best of all, the rollers are hot in less than a minute. And, they get REALLY hot. I have thicker hair and I need my curling and straightening accouterments to be blazing hot, otherwise it ain't curling this mop.

These work well.

They were the surprise purchase of the summer, for sure.

Small. Fast. Efficient. Lightweight. Compact. Recommended.

They're everything you'd ever want in a travel pack-o-hot-rollers.

You can buy 'em here online.

(Nope, I still don't get subsidized for my product endorsements. But, I sort of wish I did.)



  1. Seriously I might try these...thanks for the suggestion! I need to do something new to the old hair.

    Have fun today!!!!!!! Can't wait to hopefully hear the news!

  2. I will buy these. I have been looking for some and they are either too small and give me 5 year old girl curls or they take forever to curl my hair. I have been looking for some and these sound perfect. And VERY reasonably priced!

    You should totally get money for product suggestions. I mean I am going to buy these so you should get something!

    P.S. I heart Amazon. If I was rich I would spend so much of my time just buying stuff online for people from Amazon.

  3. Okay, I might sound like a brat here, but I didn't know people still used hot rollers? I haven't had any since junior high!

    And maybe that's because I could never figure them out. My hair was/is too thick, and I could never get them to work.

  4. Oh don't NEED hot rollers because you kind of have the PERFECT wave to your hair.


    In my humble opinion, when put in hair LOOSELY with the hair TWISTED around the rollers, a really nice pulled together loose curl happens. I'm a fan.

  5. You're sweet Ky.

    Actually, I've come to embrace my waves since Joss was born. (SO much less work than straightening it every day!) But, I used to HATE, HATE, HATE my waves.

    I think I've only straightened it 2 or 3 times this entire summer!

  6. Okay, I too did not know people still use rollers.

    With that, I have SOOOOOOOO many questions. I have really thick, wavy/curly, frizzy, hot mess hair. ;) This sounds like it may work in my favor.

    1) Do you roll them up or twist the hair and then roll it up?

    2) Do you start rolling/twisting from the root or end of the hair?

    3) Do you put the end in the roller too?

    I may just need a vlog tutorial. Haha. ;)

  7. I used to use steam rollers and while they worked, I've done without them for so long, I forget how they work. I still have the contraption under my sink and after this post, I might dig them out and give them a whirl...

    These are a great price and love the compacted-ness about them!


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