Dispelling the myths
Latisse works.

8/26/2010 04:08:00 AM

You've seen the commercials with Brooke Shields and Claire Danes purporting that the prescription latisse grows their lashes, right?

Here's the deal: it works.

For a brief window of time prior to the conception of Baby 2011 I used latisse. (It's called lumigan down Mexico-way. And it's sold over the counter. For about $420.00 pesos --$32 USD.)

My eyelashes got SO long. And so thick.
And nope. I didn't get any under-eye circles or experience any darkening of my already brown eyes.

It works.

Only bummer? It is temporary. As it turns out, when you stop using latisse/lumigan - shortly thereafter those newly grown lashes do exit your eyelid. (Sad.)

But seriously, you should have seen how incredible my sister's eyelashes are, too. INCREDIBLE.

So, I'm here to tell you - it works. Really well.



  1. I would have NOT guessed this stuff worked! I wonder why/how it works?!

    May I ask, how long did it take before your started noticing lash growth? A couple days, weeks, months? Do you have to use it everyday?

    I would love to use this stuff, but it is a bummer you have to keep using it. I already have so many things I am suppose to remember to use on a daily basis I know I would eventually just forget this one too.

  2. Good to know! I love Claire Danes and I'm glad she's supporting something that actually works. I was shocked to see her in the commercials!

    Did you watch My So Called Life in HS? LOVED THAT SHOW! (I read, in a tweet I think, something along the lines that Jordan Catalano wouldn't approve of Claire being in the Latisee commercials, ha hA!)

    Another sidenote: You have to watch Claire's movie about Temple Grandin, if you haven't already. It's really excellent. It's on HBO or Showtime, I think.

  3. Ok - duh! I just saw that it was - how in the world do you get a prescription for this?

  4. Apparently the drug was originally intended for glaucoma, however - it didn't work. It did have a GLORIOUS side effect: extraordinary eye lash growth. And there you go...

    Wrestling Kitties - I started to see lash growth in a few weeks. And yep, I'd use it every night. (I did forget a few nights.) If you want some, I can have my MIL bring some back home and mail it to you in October.

    Wendy - I absolutely loved My So Called Life. One of the best shows on t.v.

    Iris - It's indeed a prescription. Perhaps your sister could bring some back for you when she's in town? They sell it at Costco, Mega... anywhere.


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