Creepy? Or helpful?

8/19/2010 04:08:00 AM
Remember a while back I told you that i was in looking for something to go above my couch? (See post here.)

Well, I had my heart set on these... (see above) but just as quickly as West Elm unveiled them to all the world, they made them unavailable and backordered them. (Jerk faces.)

So, after much consternation, we went with this from P.B.

Why? I wanted something ROUND-ish. (We have lots of square and rectangle types in our house.) And, liked it.

Point of this story? and sort of creep me out.  If you log into these sites ONCE with your account info, you'll never, ever, EVER log out automatically so they ALWAYS KNOW what you're browsing.

For example, I'm looking at baby bedding, right? I happened to look at one particular page with one particular style of bedding and literally the NEXT DAY I get an email telling me that the bedding style I was looking at is on sale. Then I get another email a few days later. Then I get ANOTHER email a few days later telling me that it's STILL on sale.

Creepy. Back off, PB. If I haven't responded to the FIRST email, maybe I'm just not that in to you?

This has happened more than once.

I like the way amazon does it. I search various items and next time I log in - Amazon modifies my homepage to show me other items that I might like.

That's do-able. Non-pushy. Non-intrusive. Non-creepy. Non-"big-brother-is-watching-you".

Emailing me items I might like? I'm telling you - it creeps me out.

That's all.

P.S. We painted the living room/kitchen/dining room. It looks TEN TIMES better. Pics to come after I receive the PB circle thing.


  1. I've never had that happen with PB and you know I'm a loyal customer. Do they just feel you need an extra push? But that would be me, I just can't bring myself to order anything from them that doesn't have free shipping. Their shipping is as outrageous as a certain direct sales company we were associated with.

  2. i have the same pb circle thing in my bedroom! i really like it... it's nice & big.


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