Care to stroll with me down memory lane?

8/05/2010 04:08:00 AM

My brother (the one holding me in the picture below) sent me this family portrait via blackberry messenger. Not the best quality... but I imagine you can catch the gist of how... um... "cute" I was.

I betcha I was about 4 months old judging by the fact that I may well be wearing Christmas garb.


(There are so many wonderfully phenomenal elements at play within this picture. The background. My brothers' feathered hair. The look of pure disdain on my sister's face. My dad's afro. My Mom's long-haired mullet.)

Very seldom do I take the whole family down in a post... but I think I may have just succeeded. Don't lie. You have these pictures, too. I know you do.


  1. LOL it's a classic!!! My Dad recently sent my brother and I one of us at the counter "helping" my Grandmother make biscuits, circa 1986

  2. Was this taken at Olan Mills?


    We have one just like it and we are all dressed in the same pastel one piece shorts suit. It's crazy. My dad is rocking the mustache (still is) and my mom has a mullet-y hair cut for sure.

    I will post it if I can take it out of the GOLD frame.

  3. That is a background? I totally thought you were hiking trough the forest!

  4. B - that made me laugh. :) Awesome. We ALWAYS dressed like that for family hikes.

  5. Wow I actually remember wehn your brothers looked like this .... and oh your dad... what a guy...Precious...just precious

  6. That is one good lookin family right there! It looks like you all have the same haircut. Priceless.

    Thanks for sharing!

  7. Sister...this photo could be on that horrible pic website (although we are maybe all too cute). I am not sure if I could have looked more miserable or like the bad seed.

    Now everyone...look at that baby in the front....CUTE. Present are Lila and Bella (via their look alike parents).

  8. I totally wish I had a family picture like this! I honestly don't know if a single picture exists of my mom, dad, brother and I all together.


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