The 2010 Emmy's
My "official" fashion Recap

8/29/2010 09:31:00 PM
Random Emmy Thoughts:
  • Am I bigger than Ryan Seacrest? (When I'm non-pregnant?) He seems awfully petite.
  • I would like for Neil Patrick Harris  to host next year. He's better than Jimmy.
  • [insert gasp] Jon Hamm didn't win. Sad.
  • I am pleased that Mad Men took home an emmy.
  • Best comedy series: that category was TOUGH. Modern Family is pretty great...
  • If I were a man, I would own ALL Tom Ford clothing. Or, at least as much as I could.
And now, on to the fashion...
My favorite dress of the evening:
I really liked Claire Danes little dress. Here's why: it fit her like a glove and well, I'm a girl. I like sparkle. If I were at the emmy's, I'd more than likely show a little sparkle, too. Well done.

Ok, I surprise myself with this one... But I really liked Kyra Sedgewick's dress. Here's why: I'm a sucker for that color. I like her hair. (Plain and easy!) On t.v., she looked great.

Best print of the evening:
Toni Collette rocked a print. I specifically like the cut. And the color. Cool.

And the award for the coolest female comedian/writer goes to:
Yay for Tina Fey lookin' all good. I'll say it: her dress choices keep getting better and better - whew. (And I know I say it every time -- bear with me -- but I sort of love her and sort of might want to be her. There I said it. Again.)

Dress that I like a LOT, worn by an actress whom I do not know:
I like this dress. It's fancy. And I sort of love the color. NICE.

And the award for the cutest short hair goes to:
Maura Tierney! I love it. I love it. I love it. She looks GREAT.

The best dressed child award goes to:
Cute little Sally Draper from Mad Men. This is how a little girl should look. I love her pose, too. Awesome. (And, keep in mind - I sort of love Toddlers & Tiaras, too. HA!)

And the award for the best example of defying gravity:
Christine Hendricks, from Mad Men.

And P.S. Why do redheads always choose to wear various shades of purple and green?

The best black dress award goes to:
Let's hear it for The Office's Angela Kinsey. She looks fabulous.

Cutest woman over the age of 70:
I ♥ Betty White. And you should, too.


Really? The award for the, "How do you have a body like that after four children?" goes to:
Brooke Burke. Thems is some good genes.

I sort of feel that Eva Longoria Parker looks... boring. The top looks like woven seatbelts and the bottom has a boat-load of rosettes on it. I don't get it.

No thank you.

So, I ask you this:
Is Heidi Klum going to be wearing mini, mini dresses until she's 75?
I'm just asking.

Best usage of Blue and/Worst usage of cones, goes to:
Oh, January Jones. You look lovely in that jewel tone, it's true. It's a great color. But you have pointy, old-school Madonna orbs. Ew. (Fun, creative dress though... I like all of it, except the top.)

The award for, "Holy cow, who is that?" goes to:
What happened to Pam from The Office?! (She must not be eating either?) But, her hair does look great, no? (The dress isn't bad at either.)

The runner up for the, "Holy cow, who is that?" award goes to:
What happened to Kelly Osbourne?! She grew up! YAY. She looks great.

Worst usage of lace goes to:
Oh, Jewel...  it appears that you took the long-sleeves off of one of Dorothy Zbornak's dresses from The Golden Girls. (Rest in peace, Bea Arthur.)  Blech. Ugly. Ew.

And, I hate the earrings.

 Best imitation of, "Ms. Pennsylvania" goes to:
Yuck. Kate Gosselin looks like a paegant queen. Ew.

And the most mermaid-like dress goes to:
Ok, look closely. Julie Bowen (from Modern Family) actually has fins on her dress. And why is she standing like that? Do these people [read: women] just stop eating days before awards shoes? Come on. Eat something.

And the, "Inappropriate incorporation of hair-like elements" goes to:
Kristin Wiig from Saturday Night Live. WHAT is on her shoulders? I'll stop there. Because everything I have to say is inappropriate.

Best BEACH dress goes to:
Keri Russell. The bottom-line? This dress is perfect for Cabo. It's not great for the Emmy's. Neither is the hair thing or the LENGTH of this dress. OR the shoes. Bad. Bad. BAD.

And the award for, "Your up-top is too big for your dress" goes to:
Little miss Kim KardashianThis dress is NOT right for you. From the side, and I hate to say it, she sort of has bullet-boobs.

Biggest "Chance" of the night goes to:
Lauren Graham. I loved this dress. Here's why: It's DIFFERENT. But, was it completely great? Um. No. Was it completely bad? No. It just was. It was a chance.

The, "Eh" award goes to:
Lea Michele from Glee. Eh. I mean, ok. It's ruffle-y. And she's really skinny. And well, eh.

And the Prom Queen award goes to:
Mindy Kaling. I sort of love Mindy on The Office and I think she's uber-witty and her blog cracks me up. But this dress? And the hair? The whole outfit. It's so 1991-prom. It's not good. Her hair is HUGE. (And, may it be noted: I do love big hair.)

A close up is necessary...

The award for the celebrity who most looks like a fruit:
It goes to Sofia Vergara. She looks like a platano. (For you English-speakers, she looks like a banana. A hot banana, but a banana nonetheless.)

Youngest actor who looks the oldest:
Oh boy. The young whipper-snapper, Sarah Hyland (the oldest sister on Modern Familiy), looks like she's wearing a.) a terrible bridesmaid dress and b.) her grandmother's old silver dress. Whose dress is that? Helen Mirren's? If I had that little, teeny perfect body I'd more than likely choose to wear something else, right?

Winner of the, "Enough's enough" award:
Oh Rita Wilson, even your husband looks to be questioning your outfit. Really? You even needed dangling jewels on your shoes? Oy.

Most obscene dress of the evening:
Um, THIS one. Wanda Sykes, really? I mean really? I can nearly see your nipples.

And, the worst dress of the evening goes to:
Oh, this is awful. Anna Paquin's dress is horrendous. The hemline is treacherous. The shoulder pad/military theme is awful. It's just all bad. And brassy. BOO.

And, that's all from me.




  1. I'm a girl and I don't like sparkle. ~*The more you know*~ LOL. We're all different. :-)

  2. I just adore you and your fashion review. I agree that Claire Danes dress was the best. And if I, for whatever reason it might, ever had anywhere fancy to go and had that body... I'd want that dress

  3. Um, I just love to read your awards show recaps! Always. I think they are better than the awards shows themselves.. :)

  4. I agree - I watched the emmys so I could understand your post about it.

    I loved Claire Danes and thought she looked amazing.

    I have to disagree with you about Lauren Graham and thought the dress did nothing for her. She's gorgeous and the dress was terrible.

    LOVED Tina Fey and would like to be her. Then we can be twins.

    Sofia Vergara is a hot freaking banana. LOL Ky. L.O.L.


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