You take the good, you take the bad, you take 'em both and there you have... The Facts of Life

When we first moved to Mexico, I fought the change. I fought the difference between the two countries. I missed everything American. Now, after nearly four years in Mexico it appears that I have come to love Mexico and it's different way of life...
...even if cherry coke and cook-and-serve chocolate pudding are nary to be found.

And those things that I once loved... well, um... maybe they're not so great anymore.

In light of that, I've made up this little list.

Things that I had thought were great, but in reality are not-so-great:

1.) The mall. Blech. They never have anything that you need. My bra size is SO average. Why don't you have it? Shopping online definitely has its' perks.

2.) Hostess chocolate donuts. They taste an awful lot like faintly-chocolate-flavored wax.

3.) Speed limits and stop signs. Not necessary, kids. When no one's around, I like that you can just gun it and go in Meh-he-coe. (I should trademark that phrase.)

4.) Expressways. (Freeways) In Ohio, during the summer expressways are synonymous with orange barrels and construction... and delays. Boo.

5.) Midwest summers. This humidity is for the birds.

6.) The radio. The same four songs play all.the.time on every station.

7.) Consumerism. There's just too much stuff here. Too many choices. Too much, too much.

8,) Texting. Blech. I hate texting. I do it, but I don't like it. And, I text only when I'm here in the States. Odd...


Things that I had forgotten were so wonderful:

1.) Sitting at a Mud Hens game with good friends.

2.) Lightening bugs.

3.) The smell right before it rains.

4.) The smell of pavement right after it rains.

5.) Backyards filled with ferns, hostas and hydrangeas.

6.) Big green trees (with bark). Everywhere.

7.) Not dialing 001 before every phone call I make to my American friends and family.

8.) Hugging family and friends.

9.) Seeing American flags flying on front porches.

That's all for now...

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  1. I'm all about shopping online too...I use to love the mall, now I loath it! Why would I waste my time when they might not have what I always has it and usually tax free/no shipping (get it next day)! Always thought the small Hostess choco donuts tasted like wax! LOL

    It was so great to see you guys! Thanks for hanging out on Friday! Safe travels to you! See you in November! :)


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