Yep. We're really that boring.

We're trying to figure out which shade of "beige" is the right shade of beige to paint our walls.

And we're thinking about buying a station wagon.


The latter statement is false, but seriously - are we that boring that we're considering BEIGE?

Here's the answer: YEP.

Our house here in Los Cabos ain't all that huge. We have 3 beds, 2 full baths and a combined living room/dining room/kitchen area.

We LIVE in the living room/dining room/kitchen area. And the color on the walls is driving me CRAZY.

When we moved here from O-Hi-O we craved NEUTRAL. Our house in Ohio was fantastic. And colorful. And modern. With clean lines. And great art. And quirky decor.

In Cabo, we're the complete opposite.

Yeah, we attribute part of this change to the fact that many of our belongings are in two storage units in Ohio, but we also just wanted something different.

Now, we're earth-tones with traditional Cabo-style washed walls that we actually PAID for. Loved 'em at first. HATE them now. 

Here's a snapshot of the 'ole house.
It's messy during the day. We have a one-year-old.
(Do you like how Lila's posing and Ferg is less than a foot from her?
Click to make larger

Another view, sans staging.
Again, who has time for that?

So, see that clock that is above the couch? It's going to be moved to the small wall above the area above the chair.  And those frames?

They, along with about 10 more of all shapes, colors and sizes are going to be moved to the hallway.
The beach and pool signs will be moved to the courtyard.

 And... we need something else to go above the couch.

I REALLY like these from West Elm... but they're ALREADY sold out. And they're new.  I'm heartbroken. But I'm giving it time. I hope they're available again... (See here.) I'd like 5-7 of them.

I also really like this as potential back-up. It's fancy. (And available here.)

AND, I want a new rug but cannot FIND one that is less than $5,000 that I love. It needs to have a pattern and be ABSOLUTELY ok with high-traffic and a baby who leaks her sippy cup everywhere.


Care to see our new chalkboard pantry door? We had a chalkboard in our old house and we missed it.

SO, from you - dear friends, I need assistance.

POR FAVOR... suggest some online shopping for me, please. I feel like we've looked everywhere.

I need ideas. I need good shoppin'. I need something that will last us for a little while; not forever. Unfortunately, Cabo isn't forever.

THANK YOU for your assistance and I shall keep you updated on our progress. (Pronounced "PROgress.")


  1. Hey there, I'm one of those "silent" readers...aka, I do a lot of reading and not a lot of commenting...just curious about the chalkboard and #4 on the list of people that love C. For real?!

  2. I LOVE that circle plaque - that is really cool! My vote's on that.

    And YES I am so curious too - what you talkin' bout, baby in 2011?!

  3. you are so sneaky, aren't you? and creative as well.

    i really enjoy the West Elm circles so hopefully you can get yourself on a waiting list for those? they "feel" like your house (by the way, seeing these pics made me long to be there).

  4. Line No. 4 - care to share?

  5. i agree w/ TL. try waiting it out a bit on the west elm decor. if they're new, hopefully they've already got another shipment on the way. i like them best, and think they'd go better w/ your stuff.

    since you're a savvy shopper, i don't know that i'll have any suggestions that you haven't already thought of. west elm and crate & barrel are kind of my go-tos...

    and seriously.... 2011?? i don't think i could even STAND the cuteness that would be all up on this blog. yeeeeee! :)

  6. Have you searched for rugs on Flor? Great for kids, since you can take one section off to clean.

  7. Yeah, I'm a little curious about the 4th Craig-loving person....

  8. Yes, I'd say we're all dying to know. Everyone is right, you are sneaky! :)


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