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7/26/2010 11:00:00 AM

I've been on (and off) twitter since September of 08. I have a love-hate with it.

Love: Reading my friends updates and random thoughts. Love following along as some people give birth. (A-hem, Nadja.)

Hate: It's just too much. It's just a lot of communication. All the time. Comin' at you. I get that it's "micro-blogging" but I don't like "micro-relationships."

I'm old fashioned. I email someone when one of their tweets interest me. Probably defeats the purpose... Anywho.

I've been updating a bit more recently. Not sure why. (I'm sure it's just a phase.)

I've got some questions.

First, a quick poll:

Do you use twitter?
Yes. All the time. Love it.
Yes, but I don't tweet. I just read.
I used to have an account.
I have an account, but never use it.
NEVER jumped on the twitter train.

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Next, some questions:

1.) If someone tweets something... is it twitter protocol to respond? If they're not asking a question? Or, are people merely tweeting and hoping NOT to receive responses? I'm always uncomfortable with this.

2.) I had no idea that people who aren't my followers can comment on my tweets. Why is this?

3.) Why do I have followers that I have never, EVER heard of? What's the point of following me?

4.) Am I supposed to follow them in return? What if I have no desire to follow them?

5.) Is there anyone that is super funny/entertaining/informative that I should be following? Can you recommend?

6.) I have a blackberry and I use ubertwitter to read tweets and respond. One thing I can't stand? All my news sources tweet FAR too much and clog up my time line. Suggestions?

7.) Is twitter going to stick around? Do most people have a love/hate with it, too? What's your prediction?

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  1. I liked Twitter when I started. Then it just got to be too much.

    I too enjoyed reading peoples thoughts, but I hated that tweets turned into one-on-one conversations. I guess I like the thoughts and didn't mind a couple quick responses, but really got annoyed when things went back and forth.

    Sometimes, I think about setting up another account, and maybe I will. Who knows.

  2. You can make your tweets private and then non-followers cannot see, respond, or retweet your stuff.

    I go in phases...sometimes it's nice, but sometimes I go days without opening it b/c it's a time drain and I get nothing done. I'd rather read blogs. :)

  3. Ah, Twitter. I also took a break for a spell, but then got back into it. I'm a casual Twitter-er. I have it on my Ipod so I check it if I have wi-fi, which is usually just while I am at home in the evenings. I have it on my Blackberry too but I don't check it on there very much.

    Responding to Tweets is ok in my book. I do it. So I at least hope it's ok!

    I only follow people I know or I like. I follow a few "celebs" for laughs. I follow Conan O'Brien - he's funny. Have you ever watched the show Eastbound and Down? I follow "Kenny Powers" and he's just hilarious. Wrong and raunchy, but hilarious.

    If someone is following me that I don't know and they appear to be spam, I block them. I'll go through my account ever so often to clear them out. There are a few people that follow me and I don't follow them back. They seem legit so I don't block them.

    You can build lists up in Twitter and check Tweets just from people on those lists - not sure if that's a function you can use on your Bberry app though. I know it can be done through the web.

    OK, long comment, done now! :-)

    P.S. I'm glad that you're Tweeting again and I'm also glad that Wrestling Kitties is on there again too!

    P.S.S. My word verification is "inerdies". HAH!

  4. 1.) only respond if you have something to say. it's supposed to be about conversation, so if something strikes your fancy, tweet back

    2.) re: conversation

    3.) they're probably businesses, porn, or spam bots. or some weirdos who just want to have as many followers as they can get so they follow everyone everywhere hoping you'll follow back

    4.) hell no

    5.) lots, if you really care i'll send you a list

    6.) i unfollowed them. for the same reason. too many tweets was too annoying. if you use brizzy you can "mute" people.

    7.) the people who love it REALLY love it, so i think it'll stick around for a while. but it has a HIGH learning curve for non-tech people so i don't think it's going to explode like facebook did.

  5. I love that you eneded this with "You can follow me here."


    I follow Axl Rose for amusement sake and sometimes I will go on twitter for HOURS but then not again for months.

    Blogging takes up all my time. Facebook I tolerate.

  6. I love my twitter. I follow some people I know plus a bunch of sports news, and some celebs.

    1.)Some people ask questions and of course they want to hear back. Some others are just comments that are just thrown out there and they aren't expecting a response. I don't think that is a good answer for this question.
    2.)I think anyone can comment because they want to get like minded people together if they so desire. You can go private then only follower can see and comment.
    3.)Spam hoping you follow in return then they can sell you stuff, porn a lot of the time.
    5.)Not sure who you would like. Most of my follows are sports of tech news.
    6.)I think the newer version of ubertwitter lets you put certain accounts in a list that you can hide, not sure though haven't tried it out.
    7.)I think twitter will be around for a bit.

  7. Oh twitter :)

    I go back and forth on twitter. I am currently ok with it. I thought the first time I used it I HAD to say stuff every day and respond to was too much. Now I get on when I have something fun to say and try to respond when I can but just really keep it casual and light. I can't be on it all the time every day because between blogs, facebook, and twitter I feel it is too much!

    And Wendy I am glad I am back to twitter you too...wait, that isn't right ;)


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