Traveling Update

7/13/2010 02:29:00 PM
We made it safely to Dallas. Lila, in fact, did not sleep ONE wink.

Her Daddy is pushing her in the stroller as we speak.

And, yep. We tried the Benadryl. Next time it's straight nyquill. Or jager.

Ironically, C. never sleeps on planes, either.

Like father like daughter.

I, on the other hand, could sleep standing up.

More updates later.


And BIG thanks to Debbie for handling the flood in my house. THANK you. You just made coming home easier and wayyyy less stressful.

Thanks to my brother for picking us up, too...
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  1. I feel that we share the same sleep habits/preferences. And a single benadryl almost guarantees me 12 straight hours of sleep. But has never phased Seth - a la Lila. Safe travels, friend!


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