More than amused by this.

7/06/2010 08:31:00 PM
Whilst on vacay in Toledo The Four of Us having been very comfortably residing at my brother B.'s downtown warehouse condo.  (This is my brother B. who lives full-time in Cabo with his 3 B's.)

About the condo.

A.) It's cool.
B.) It's FANTASTIC to have our "own space" while on vacation.
C.) It's conveniently located.
E.) Up until recently it allowed pets. (Sorry Ferg. This is your last time here.)
D.) It boasts gated parking with a two-car garage and a pool.

…about the pool…

Please note this bulletin board located near the residents' mailboxes. Next please note the two letters pinned to it. (Bottom left and middle right.)

They cracked me up.

Please read the first one. (You can click to make larger.)

And now the second. (Again, you can click to make larger.)


I'm thinking that if Ferg warrants a $25.00 fine for being on the premises, the naked man should at LEAST be worth upwards of $150.00. Word?

(P.S. Blogging will definitely become regular again very soon. Are you still hanging on with me? If so. THANK YOU!)


  1. that is so amusing!!! perked me right up! Dare I suggest that Ferg is absolutely without a doubt more civilized and dignified than most humans and this guy doesn't even get charged a penny?! WOW!

  2. Enjoyable easy reading for a summer day... Sounds like a fun place!


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