MexMo: Care to grocery shop with me? Cabo-style?

7/27/2010 05:08:00 AM

So I purposely went to the grocery store Monday night, as opposed to Sunday, because traditionally Sundays are MADNESS at the grocery store.

So I come home from work, spend an hour with Lila, put her to bed... then head to the store... and cannot find a parking space. HUH?

Whatever. I find one after I loop a couple of times.

Are there carts? Yes. About 9. Weird.

I walk in and there are people EVERYWHERE. It's crazy. It's Monday night. At 7:30 p.m. Why are all of these people here?!


On my list are tissues. I stumble upon THESE gems.

They are triangular, food-themed Kleenexes.


Chocolate cake. 
(C. told me he was <-----> this close to buying me this one when I was sick last week.)

And my personal favorite... CHEESE.


Moving on. Just a couple more picture-worthy items... Next item on my list? Peanut butter. Oh, how I miss JIF. Care to see our selection?

Yes. Skippy. ALL Skippy. Shelves upon shelves of Skippy. Don't insult me. Don't put Skippy on every shelf. One shelf is sufficient. Four is unnecessary. Face it, grocery store: your peanut butter selection BLOWS.

Next, cake mix. Well, I suppose the cake selection would be FANTASTIC if I wanted to buy yellow cake, yellow cake and yellow cake. Notice: one brand, one flavor and SIX (not even complete) shelves of Betty Crocker yellow cake mix.

And, there were NO EGGS in the store last night. NONE.




AND, I did find out why there were a TON of people at the grocery store. As it turns out the grocery store was giving away free chicken... which begs the question, "What is wrong with that chicken that they're dropping it like it's hot to all the locals?"


Needless to say, I didn't get in the free chicken line...

Ah, viva Mexico.


  1. What?! No JIF?!?!? How do you manage? That is, indeed, the best peanut butter out there. . . .skippy?! blech!

  2. I know, RIGHT???? JIF is the best. I'm embarrassed to say that we have two jars of (gasp) skippy in our home right now.

    Please don't think less of me.


    I was thoroughly entertained by this post. :)

    In case I haven't told you recently, I love you AND your blog. :)

  4. the plethora (word of the day) of cake and peanut butter just made me laugh out loud at my desk.

  5. Those kleenex boxes are awesome! Seriously, I want that cheese one.

    While I wish you had at least one or two more options (seriously no JIF?!), I kind of wish that we had fewer options here. I hate standing in an aisle with 15 different cake options in front of me. It is too much at times and there are too many choices. I would love if we had fewer choices up here. Well you know as long as they didn't take away our JIF.


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