Lila Lunes: Sick & talking

7/26/2010 04:08:00 AM
 Showing us how much she loves her mobile/in-crib-plasma.

(I'm still not ready to stop the Lila Lunes updates. I may decrease them, but keep looking for them here and there...)

Q. How's Lila?
A. She's a bit under the weather. I think I gave her my bad cold. Poor baby. But, she' still smiling.

Q. What are Lila's current faves?
A. Lila cannot get enough of the sweet potato bites her Daddy makes for her. She literally stuffs six in her mouth at a time (she hasn't learned "moderation" just yet).

She also started liking Michael Buble's, "Haven't met you yet." She heard it in Toledo and we taped him on Saturday Night Live this past weekend and showed it to her on Sunday. She's in heaven.

She also really loves her Ferg.

Q. Is there walking happening?
A. Steps here and there. Still, she refuses to walk unless we're a.) holding at least one of her hands or b.) 2 steps away from her.

She is definitely taking her time.

Guess what? As it turns out, Lila talks all the time.

See below...

And the crazy hair?  We're growing her bangs out and she refuses to keep barrettes in lately.

Love that kid.


  1. Awwh how cute...I don't know about you guys but Lila definitely knows what she talking about!!!

  2. omg. she just doesn't stop babbling, does she? between you and Lila, how does C get a word in edgewise?!? good thing Ferg is pretty quiet...

    adorable as usual, and i did get a bit anxious to hear that you may not do L.L. every monday....however, i understand.

  3. Hola! Not sure if you remember me, I was the moh at Paulina's wedding. Congrats on baby number 2!!! I started blogging again and I remembered your blog. I look forward to seeing all your lovely posts.

  4. She's hilarious! I enjoyed that.

  5. she's such at doll. LOVE the talking! Can you just see what awaits you in the tween/teen years? HA!

  6. careful with that curtain pull in the first video...may be a strangulation hazard if its not break-away....Just a suggestion... Congrats on baby 2011.....


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