Lila Lunes Miercoles:
My sweet baby is growing up

7/21/2010 05:08:00 AM

 As it turns out, we're living with a small adult. Ok, we're at least living with a small child.

Q. What are Lila's specs?
A. Today she is 13-months-old. She still doesn't weigh 20 lbs... but we attribute that to the fact that she was sick for about 5 days recently. She is still crawling but is perfecting the one-armed-walk and standing on her own. She has absolutely taken a few first steps but then sits down quickly because she's a far more efficient crawler than walker.

Q. What are Lila's favorite things right now?
A. Petal, her bunny. Ferg, her dog. And her "wheels-on-the-bus" school bus that she proceeds to pick up and throw down over, and over, and over again.

Q. What else is Lila doing?
A. On Monday I told her to pick up her baby and give her a kiss... and she did it. She loves her baby. And kisses her. She absolutely knows the names of items now! Ask her to pick up Petal, she will. Ask her where Ferg is, she'll find her... and pet her. Ask her if she wants some milk, she nods.

That's Lila and her baby.

Q. How is eating going?
A. GREAT! We're pretty much in the, "you-can-eat-anything" stage and it's easy. And fun. She still really hearts cheerios a lot.  As that girl wrote in the Owens bathroom stall, "Who don't?"

Q. Is teething over?
A. Um, no. I think it's far from over. She just got her fifth tooth... a "first molar," I believe. Let's just say we KNEW that it was coming. Poor baby. And, let's just say that I think it's her first molar. She gives me .3 seconds to actually see what's going on in there.

Q. Is Lila talking?
 A. She babbles all of her waking hours. It's true. (Not sure where she gets that...) And, she says "DaDa" QUITE emphatically. She also continues to say, "Fergie" and "Yeah." Unfortunately, she doesn't say, "Mama" all that much. That's ok, I have plenty of time to hear my name, I think. She DOES try to say, "Lizzy" (my sister's dog) and "Libby" (her Mimi's dog) and just about everything else.

Q. Any current favorite products?
A. Yep, we're a fan of these Nuby Sports sippers. We're trying to get Lila to understand how to use a straw-like cup, but she's not getting it. They're on amazon for $2.99. We got ours at Target in a two-pack. Selling point for me: they don't leak!
We're attempting to train the Cupcake to use the Safe Sippy (see below) that we got for 1/2 price off at Buy, Buy Baby in Columbus. (As recommended by my cousin.) It stays COLD for a significant period of time. (Important here.). On amazon.

Ok, here are just a few pictures...

Lila has her Daddy's skin. She's sweet and skeeters love her.

How cute is this smile?

 Lila has conquered the fear of her chair.
She likes to sit in it. WITH her babies, of course.

Or, by herself.
(I love that I don't have to pose her. She does it herself.)

 She's also using the chair to get to bigger and better things.
Yep, the candlesticks were moved.
All decor is about 1.5 ft. above Lila's head at this point...

Lila also upgraded to the 'ole big girl car seat. (Thank you, G.C. for this! It's wonderful!)
She REFUSES to be contained in her infant seat any longer. As you can see, she kind of loves it.

Here she is sitting side-saddle.

Then side-saddle, legs out.

And a quick look.

 And, my absolute FAVORITE picture of the week.
Again, completely not posed.

And, we're out.


  1. She is SUCH a little doll!! Those mosquito bites, oh I can relate!! I go outside for not even 5 minutes and come back in with at least 3 bites if not more!

  2. I absolutely love that last picture!!! She is a sweetie and full of personality! LOL

    Also, awesome carseat...Britax is the best!

    I am still so bummed that I didn't get any pictures while you were over...I really meant to. :(

  3. That last picture is adorable! Are you both feeling better now?

  4. LOVE looking at the pictures!

    Brought a smile to my face this Miercoles morning.

  5. OMG -- she looks like such a little girl!! Not a toddler, but a little GIRL! I cannot stand 1) how absolutely adorable she is, and 2) how quickly she has grown up. And 3) how much I can see both you and C in her. Oh! What a muffin. :)

  6. How is it possible that she looks so much older just in the last few weeks?!?!

    I love her little smile.

  7. She seriously looks so much older. She is absolutely beautiful! I adore the last picture!

  8. last picture = priceless!

    i agree with Written Permission, she looks like a little girl and looks like both you and C.

    so CUTE.

  9. The chair pictures are the BEST!!! What a hoot that Lila is.

  10. Lila and the remote in her chair is totally priceless! Girl after my own heart! BTW, Grant took pics on my cell at Jenna's from Lila's party... they are soo cute- he was very into it! Anna has been trying to imitate Lila's babbling since you left- "Mom, don't I sound like Lila? Don't I ? " :) It is so sweet how they love you all so much- Me Too, of course!


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