It's clean. It just has a hard time remaining clean.

7/29/2010 04:08:00 AM
I feel it's a really good thing that we all (read: me) aren't judged as good people or bad based on the current state of the inside of our microwaves.

Is it me?

Or it is just ridiculously difficult to keep microwaves spic and span?


  1. I guess I'm weird, I hardly use my microwave.

  2. We have a drawer microwave and it actually stays a lot cleaner. Not sure why...

  3. I completely agree with you. I'm so glad they are hidden by a door. . .

  4. It isn't just you. I'm mostly mortified by our microwave. But I also refuse to clean it every day because, as RC said, the grossness is hidden by the door. I'm not sure why that makes it more OK to me, but it does. :)

  5. They should have microwave spray like they have shower spray.


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