Eat organic. Or else you're a loser.

7/08/2010 05:54:00 PM

So... we've been in the States since the 24th of June and one of our FIRST stops was the Big Fancy American Grocery Store. (Kroger.)

As we slowly and excitedly trolled up and down each and every aisle we noticed all of the "organic" stuff that was strategically placed next to the stuff that I can assume is "non-organic."

What's organic? It's food stuffs that are produced or grown sans antibiotics, hormones, pesticides radiation or bioengineering. (More info here.) Or so they say...

What else is organic? Expensive.

For example: You can buy this here "organic" avocado for $4 or that regular, non-organic, assumedly grown in lead paint avocado for $2.50.

If you go with the $2.50 biohazard avocado let's go ahead and assume that you don't care about your health or the health of your family.


All of the organic options are overwhelming. Crackers, cereal, produce, eggs - you name it. And it costs what? Three times the cost of standard food?

ENOUGH with the pressure food marketers.

There is NONE of this craziness in Mexico. Thank goodness.

Dear America-dwelling friends, I'd like to offer you this message:

If you choose to not triple your grocery bill by buying all organic, it's ok. You're ok. You're not less of a person. And, I believe that you do still love your family.

Hopefully this ridiculous fad will pass, like the Atkins diet. (Remember when everyone would go to McDonalds and order a quadruple pounder, no bun? Tee hee.)

Seriously, though. This isn't cool. I've said it before and I'll say it again, labels blow. I understand and respect the benefits of organic food, I do. I'm just not all about unnecessarily alarming the public. I'm going to go ahead and say that Burger King and vending machines are more of a detriment to society than not purchasing organic food.

So, I dare you - don't buy organic avocados.


  1. what amuses me is when people get on a soapbox about one certain food. The other day my dental hygienist was on a rampage about diet pop. But what about all the lovely things in preserved food, boxed food, etc? Organic food doesn't have any health benefits per se.... just not the pesticides. So I just wonder if those who only eat organic food forego all the rest "bad" foods out there?

  2. I hear ya! There's a lot of crafters out there who are "crafting organic" which cracks me UP!

  3. Good post! I don't buy* organic food at the grocery store and it isn't just the fact that it is so dang expensive but because I just don't see the benefits of eating many of the organic foods out there. You are exactly right, we eat so much processed food and THAT is what is harming us, not so much whether we choose to eat "regular" veggies compared to organic ones.

    * Now to be a slightly hypocritical I will say that in the next couple weeks T & I are buying 1/4 of a cow from a near organic local farm. “Near organic” because the farmer hasn’t certified himself as organic and I don’t think he has plans too because he still uses certain vitamins and such that are essential for the animal but that you can’t use to be called organic. However this guy raises his cows in air-conditioned farms and feeds them the best grains and really takes wonderful care of these animals. I will admit that the idea of getting meat from someone who takes great care of his animals does seem to be worth a little extra money. Not that it is necessarily organic, but we do like to buy our meat from local farmers we know, especially those who use fewer pesticides, or from the local butcher rather than the grocery store. So though we do not think it is neccessary to eat just organic meat, if there is a sale or an opportunity (like with this cow) to buy organic or near organic meat I will do it. But anything other than beef or chicken I really see NO point.

  4. Hmm... I like to not eat pesticide and crazy synthetic hormones if given the choice. I follow this guide when buying fruit and veggies:
    Avocados are not one of the scary ones. :)

    I also buy organic dairy and hormone-free meat (when possible). Perhaps I am on the bandwagon and/or being fooled by food marketing, but I believe there are some benefits that are worth the extra few bucks. Not that I'm all crazy and don't go out to eat unless I check up on their ingredients... My goal is to try to end up with less of that stuff in our overall diet.


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