Dum, duh-dum, dum... DUM!

7/31/2010 10:41:00 AM

I did it.

I pre-ordered a Kindle. I did it. And I can't believe I did.

I have been adamantly against a Kindle for so many reasons: Primarily? It's not paper. It's not ink. The idea of curling up in bed with an electronic book is... creepy.

BUT, the price is right, the Kindle has been improved and I MISS READING.

I'm thinking that it's the best option for me. I don't go back and forth to the States all that much these days (I blame Lila.) so I don't have a whole lot of access to new books.

And, when I was breastfeeding Lila, my blackberry and I became best friends. I read every news website, facebook status update and twitter post EVERY 2-3 hours for 45 minutes at a time. This next time around with baby 2011, I'm semi-excited about actually reading a book, one-handedly.

So, we'll see how it goes.


  1. I can't believe you got one! Traitor!

    (I'm kidding, of course. :) And a bit jealous, I'll admit. Please tell me how you like it once you get it!)

  2. I've been wondering about this....

    Please let us know what you think after you use it for a while. It may end up on my Christmas list.

  3. I just downloaded the Amazon Kindle app to my iPad! Very cool! Also several other book apps, free books and iBooks. But, the new Kindle has a good price. Enjoy!

  4. you will love it - I have a first generation Kindle that I received as a gift and thought I'd never use and it's now my favorite thing. Just got Linda one for mother's day and she said it was the best gift she'd ever gotten :)

  5. I LOVE my Kindle. I was resistant at first for the same reasons. My grandma gave me hers and it is SO nice and convenient. I haven't given up the real thing, though, I still love to hold my books and turn the pages.

  6. Oh, exciting! And perfect for you!

    I was debating between a Kindle and an Itouch last Christmas, and settled on the Itouch because I wanted something that was back-lit, because I read in bed in the dark. I have the Kindle App on my Itouch and it's fine and dandy, but the screen is little. Now that the Kindle has gone down in price, I'm thinking maybe it'll be on my list this Christmas!

    You will have to let us know how you like it!

  7. My husband has a Kindle. He actually puts his sermons on it and preaches from it on Sunday mornings. But I steal it a lot & love it!!

  8. You'll enjoy it. I'm sure of it. I love mine!

  9. I am trying to convince the wife that we should get one now. Great idea to get rid of the 3G, I will just download books before I leave my wireless.


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