...And then there really were Two Pretzels...

7/23/2010 08:09:00 AM

'Tis my opinion that unplanned surprises are often times the sweetest.

The question has been posted on this blog if C. and I were going to try for another baby; a sibling for my sweet pickle, Lila Ross.

We absolutely wanted to give it a whirl. We know what a gift siblings are and that we absolutely would want Lila to grow up with a counterpart. I mean, as she gets older she's going to need to vent to someone about how crazy we are.

We figured we'd start trying after Lila was a year old and would take into account how long it took us to have our first child. We already figured we'd give clomid a shot again, since it just so happened to work for us pretty darn well the first time.

I had reservations about starting to try again. Infertility runs so very rampant today; especially secondary infertility and I think having gone through a bit of a struggle once and having witnessed the struggles of others, I am and will always be especially sensitive.

That said...

(Do you know where I'm going with this?)

Around mid-May I decided that I needed to start working out in the morning. Why? Because working out after work, in the crazy Cabo heat, was a bit too much for me.

So, I got up one morning and did Kenpo X.

Later that day, I told C., "This is INSANE. I get up ONE morning to work out and I'm literally EXHAUSTED. Like, can't-keep-my-eyes-open-exhausted."

The next day I was tired.

AND the next day.

And then the day after that, I thought… "Hmmm… I need to take a nap."

I don't really TAKE naps.

<insert quizzical-head-scratching-moment>

Inner monologue: "This is weird. I feel really tired… this feels a lot like how I felt when I was pregnant for Lila. Perhaps I should probably take a pregnancy test."

So I put off taking a test for several days then decided to take an old one I had lying around.

At approximately 7:30 a.m. on Sunday, May 23rd C. and I found out that we were going to be parents.


Then after 3 more tests within a several day period, it was confirmed.

(I like to be sure.)

And, after we heard the heartbeat and saw the little gummy bear on the ultrasound it was further confirmed that there is definitely a little being hanging out in my mid-section.

In fact, would you like to see him or her?

This little one is super-active, like a little popcorn. And, sort of resembles Mr. Peanut...

Content sigh...

It's true.
I'm pregnant.
With the aid of no drugs.
And, for the first time EVER without actually trying.
No basal body temping.
No charting.
No timing.
No nothing.

As it turns out, we've been blessed. Hugely.


Lila and her baby brother or baby sister will be 19 months apart. Which I think is totally do-able. (Right? Right?)


I am 12.5 weeks pregnant... and as you may have noticed on yesterday's post (on the pantry door), this baby is due in 2011. On January 30th.

I think this little sweetie pie looks perfect already...

More details to come...

(Bring on your questions! I plan on writing a follow-up post this weekend.)

Onward into the second trimester I joyfully skip…



  1. oh my god oh my god oh my god, you secret keeper!

    wonderful news for you and craig and lila. i'm so thrilled for you. i can tell how much you've been enjoying motherhood so far and i'm so proud of you.

    xoxoxoxoxoxoxxxxxxxxoooooo times a million

  2. well, as you know, i'm just pleased as punch. that shirt Lila has on is ADORABLE. and i'm so happy for the entire clan (even of the 4-legged variety as i know Ferg will love being outnumbered by tiny humans). i look forward to following this new journey with your new Pretzel Nugget.

    love, me

  3. Such great, happy news! Congrats!

  4. wiping tears away...

    I am just THRILLED for you and C and Lila and Ferg. So very thrilled.

    I cannot wait to follow this little one just like we follow Lila. (and for the record, I think it's another girl!)

  5. I am soooo happy for you three!!! 19 months is totally doable! Congrats again, what an AWESOME surprise! XO

  6. Oh that is true "you 4", can't forget Ferg! :)

  7. Congrats! Such great news!

  8. Kylee I think this is SUCH wonderful news and I am super excited for you, C., Lila, & Ferg!

    When I saw Stella & Lila chill’n together you could tell instantly she is going to be SUCH a great big sister and I am sure very VERY helpful to mommy and daddy with the new baby!! :) I can’t wait to read all about the newest pretzel!

    And that shirt, well that is ADORABLE!

    BIG HUGS to all of you!!


  9. AHHH! That's so great. Congratulations, you guys! (My brother & I are 22 months apart. No problemo.)

  10. I will say it again: I am just SO THRILLED for you guys! And how exciting that it just...happened! (I had been wondering about that.)

    I cannot wait to hear all about the second pretzel journey, and how Lila adapts to being a big sis (something tells me she will be as FABulous as you have been to T).


  11. As I am well aware... 19 months is TOTALLY doable. I have to say from experience, they will absolutely want to 'emotionally and physically' hurt each other.. sometimes they succeed at it! But here is the sweetest truth.
    Anna was away at Girl Scout camp, I was playing it up to Grant how it was just him and I... having so much fun (we really were)... It comes time to go home for the night, go to bed... Grant very quietly is crying, I asked what was wrong, "I missss Anna". me, "REALLY?" Grant, "I feel weird when she's not going home with us"

    That was such a sweet experience for me... I was floored to know that they actually do have a bond like no other....

  12. Wow! Congratulations!!!!!

    My girls are 20 months apart and it's wonderful. Really, it is!

    Can't wait to hear more!

    ...and LOVE Lila's shirt. Super cute.

  13. I'm so thrilled for you all I can't stand it!

    Love the title of the post. Hopefully, one isn't a salted.

  14. now I can say an official CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Yay. Another cute little peanut. (you do produce cute ones!) Yay for no trying this time!!! :)

  15. OH YAY!!! Congratulations!!! So exciting!!

  16. So exciting, friend! Looking forward to the follow-up post.

  17. YEAH!!!! How wonderful!! I'm so very happy for you and your family!

  18. Can not wait to walk through this little ones journey! So excited!!

  19. Aw, your second pretzel.

    Your wonderful lovely family is growing! With as much love and happiness as you guys have to share, I say the more the better!

    Best wishes for a happy, healthy pregnancy! Congrats to all! BIG hugs!

  20. What great news! I can't say that it doesn't come as a complete surprise, but I'm very happy for you. It's also good to know that all that you did before worked on its own this time.

    Great news!

  21. My ultrasound wasn't nearly as fun (nor did I get a copy!), so since we're due the same day I'm just pretending your post is my baby #2 (hope you don't mind!) Also, where did you get Lila's shirt? It's so cute! I have to get Sautter one. I was relieved to read the posts that life with two close siblings (mine will be 20 months) is tolerable--even if everyone is just lying to be nice. :) Please forward on any other encouraging words you get. :) Again congrats!!

  22. Congratulations to your adorable little family! I'm sure Lila is going to be a wonderful big sister. I can't wait to read more about both Lila and her new sibling!

    For the record, I'm with Sarah - I think it's another girl.


    i am so happy for all of you!!! :)

    (and, January babies ROCK...i have two of them..I can totally say that)

  24. The other funny thing about Lila's adorable shirt is the fact you bought something with birds on it. Way to go at making peace with birds this year as you planned!

  25. YAY OH YAY! I am so excited for you and your little family :) It's so crazy to think of Lila as the BIG sister. It's also insanely adorable. Thoughts, hugs, prayers, and good mojo from us in Ohio.

    PS If anyone can do it, it's you and C.

  26. Thank you for ALL of your comments and well-wishes, friends!

    We're definitely super-excited.

    I love that know my blog name has a double meaning...

  27. CONGRATS, K and C! So excited for you.

  28. congratulations, friend!! i'm SO excited for you. what a blessing..... and what a GREAT surprise. can't wait to keep up with the antics of ALL the pretzel clan. :) xoxoxo

  29. Wow - CONGRATS! I can't imagine what it'd be like to find out I was pregnant without the OPKs and BBT and what have you. Wow. I am so happy that you got to find out!!!! Gives me hope. :) Congrats Ky!!

  30. I love seeing the ultrasound. You are right, what an active peanut, so cute. Glad you are feeling well.

  31. Oh my gosh! I'm a few days behind on blog reading! HOW EXCITING! CONGRATS HUN! I'm so happy that it happened easily this time around. I've heard that tends to happen after #1!!

  32. Yaaaaaaaaay!!! I'm so late to the party, but I'm so excited for you!!

    This post made me tear up. What an INCREDIBLE blessing.


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