Who am I?

6/11/2010 03:08:00 AM
Un espejo, or a mirror

So after some banter with one of my favorite people in all the world, I've been thinking about who I am. Yes, I do occassionally think about things other than new shoes, new purses and new technology. Tee hee. Occasionally.

Seriously though - since the inception of AOL chat rooms back in the day, the interweb has allowed Creepy McCreepsters from across the globe to be whomever they want to be whilst they're logged on to the alternate reality that is the internet.

You can say what you want to say.  Be who you want to be.

You create that persona, or that avatar of yourself that isn't really you.... but more your target self. (This is like the weight on my license. It's not really my current weight, per se... it's my target weight.)

That said, after some thoughtful review I can safely say that this here blog... is me.

This is exactly who I am.

Quirks and random. Dull sometimes, informative at other times. If I were being honest, I'd tell you that sometimes I re-read my posts and laugh out loud. Because more often times than not I think I'm funny. (Ask C. I'm not lying here.)

The only thing that this blog is not; it's not overwhelmingly controversial. Why? This is not because I don't have strong opinions. On the contrary, it's because this blog, this here TWO PRETZELS is for all intents ad purposes, a SAFE and happy and easy place.

Call me a wuss...

I'm not afraid of ruffling feathers, however for the most part - I prefer for feathers to stay where they belong: on birds.


How about you? Do your online "persona" and your real life, to borrow a favorite word from our forefathers, "jive"?


  1. LOL I like that you read back over your own posts and laugh, that made me laugh.
    I write for me. I've had my blog for a long time and most of my followers are from this year. I am fortunate that at work I have acccess to blogger. I used to spend way too much time of FB but now that I no longer have that I have discovered how fabulous blogs are!
    I write for me, and the blogs I read are those that I find funny/amusing/sweet/people I think I would be friends with in real life/informative/really cute kids. I enjoy reading about people's lifes all over the place that are so different them mine and yet I still find common ground.
    Every once in a while on my blog I'll touch on a topic that is a little deeper but I usually give a fair warning of being on my soap box.

  2. i think i'm going to write about this today. because i have no other ideas and it sounds interesting.

    (see? you are inspiring!)

  3. Yes, I really am the nerdy Dago that I portray on Facebook. :)

  4. I like this post and agree, this blog IS you and that is what makes it so relatable to so many people!


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