Uphill battle.

6/04/2010 03:08:00 AM

Actual conversation between C. and I. This took place at the end of the evening a while back. We were showering and getting ready for bed. (Note: It's hot here. You have to take at least 2 showers a day. Or else.)

Me: ...Don't you ever get tired of... taking care of yourself?

[insert significant silence]

Him: ...Um, no.

Me: Oh. Yeah. Me neither.


I lied.

I DO get tired of taking care of myself. I think I'm one bad night's sleep away from throwing in the towel completely.

Here's what I mean by that. Women require far more bathroom time than men and to be honest with you, sometimes I'm not up for it.

The shaving of legs.
The washing of long hair.
The conditioning of long hair.
The towel-drying of long hair.
The putting-of-Redkin-antisnap in long hair.
The putting on of eye cream to prevent wrinkles and ultimately keep my husband.
The putting on of face moisturizer.
The putting on of body lotion to prevent scaley-alligator skin.

This is exhuasting, if you ask me.

And, I haven't even discussed the putting on of makeup. OR the blow-drying of the long hair. (Which I do MAYBE twice a month.)


This my friends, is why my feet are a wreck. I have no time for them and I'm terrified of pedicures. (Foot fungus, kids. You can't tell me those tools are properly sanitized every time. I don't buy it.)

It's exhausting to be a woman.

Note: I'd say that on the maintenance spectrum, with 1 being total crunchy, no-makeup wearing and 10 being a pageant queen, I'm a solid 6. I don't wear makeup on weekends but I love me some hooker eyelashes.

Am I alone? Do you EVER feel like this? Where do you stand on the maintenance spectrum?


  1. Completely 100% agree!!! You are definitely not alone! Although I say this all the time and everyone thinks I'm weird.. :)

  2. You are not alone! My husband and I have this conversation every weekend it seems. It seriously takes him under 5 minutes to be completely dressed and ready, fresh out of the shower. Sometimes I think it'd be nice to be a guy...sometimes. ;)

    He always suggests shaving my head...ha.

  3. I half agree...sometimes it's my "me" time...I get up first every day before anyone else wakes up to get ready...it's very peaceful; however, I hate shaving, it's annoying, obviously I do it, but it is my least fav thing!!! And...doing my hair happens pretty much only when I go out at night..people at work only know me by wet hair that's pulled back, LOL! That said, I do get what you are saying..sometimes it can be annoying (when I am in a hurry) that it takes Dave 5 seconds to shower and be ready... :)

  4. Oh, I am totally with you. On the maintenance scale, I'm probably around 4-5. Probably more like a 2 on weekends, unless we're going somewhere. :) Of course, if you ask T, he'll say I'm a 9. (He has no concept of what high-maintenance girls are REALLY like.) For years, my hair was wet in a bun at work all day, every day -- the best thing ever was when I figured out I could throw some product in it and wear it wavy/curly. Blow-drying just takes entirely TOO much time.

    (What is it with men and suggesting we all shave our heads? As if they'd like voluntarily-bald wives!)

  5. I agree completely. While I find that I am always doing all of the things you mentioned and more, I find that I could be doing even MORE - cuticle oil, nail filing, etc, etc, etc,.... Who ARE these women that always look perfectly perfect?

    men: Shower. Deodorant. Shave (sometimes - and one area - plus the 5 olcock shadow is sexy. that's annoying that ours is not).

    I have to say that my hair washing/drying routine takes a solid hour. That's why I only do it twice a week.

  6. Haha this post made me laugh! I totally agree!

    I'm growing out my hair, so I'm finding that it's taking me longer to get ready, which is annoying. I use to blow dry for 30 seconds, put product in and then go. It takes longer now - and your hair is LOOOONG so I can't imagine how long it takes!

    On the maintenance scale I'd say I'm a 5.5. I like to keep myself presentable. I wear makeup every day to work but it's light. And I keep my eye brows trim - gotta have trim eyebrows! :) The shaving I could seriously do without. I go too long in between shaves because I hate doing it. I always nick myself and bleed! So I'm either freshly shaven and knicked up or a little hairy. So sexy!

  7. i agree fully. by the time you get to 30-something years old it's just an old routine.

    i want to point out that i don't think that C. will care if you get eye wrinkles...

  8. I totally agree! I find myself skimping on the hair & makeup to such a degree that when i DO take the extra time, my boss ALWAYS notices and says something like WOW you dressed up today!

    Oops. :-)

  9. LADIES! I love hearing that I'm not alone! You're all awesome.

  10. i am um.... a one. a solid one. maybe a zero. i shower twice a week. i don't wear makeup. i don't do my hair. i like to look like a hobo.

    you know what? sometimes that ONE shower every 3 days is just a huge accomplishment. it's such a pain in the ass, will all the leg shaving and hair washing and blah blah blah. yes, i get tired of taking care of myself and i barely even do!

  11. i thought i should come back and add- last year i lost my hairbrush for three months. it wasn't an issue.

  12. I think I probably only rate a 2 or a 3, especially since I've been off work. I can't guess how many times I've washed my hair with baby shampoo/bodywash because I've been out of my shampoo/conditioner (sometimes for days). Or forget to put deoderant on and don't realise it until later then forget to put it on again. But my kids are clean!

  13. Everyone needs to buy "Getting the Pretty Back" by Molly Ringwald (yes....Pretty in Pink Molly).......It's all about this.....

  14. I just said to the hubby the other day, "Ugh. I guess I should work out so I can make myself take a shower."

    Lately, I despise the time it takes me to get ready. I'm not going to lie - when I take the time to shower, dry my hair, straighten my hair (yes MY shoooooort hair still "needs" to be straightened. oy.), put product in it to "separate the strands" and make it look a little funky, flip out the longer side of my asymmetrical cut, put on make up... okay you get the picture - I feel great! I feel like a million bucks most of the time.

    But I don't really enjoy it.

    At heart, I'm a 2-3 on the scale, in reality (how I've gotten this way I don't know) I'm a 6.

  15. Hahaha! Yes, I too am annoyed my this. Sometimes I have to ask the husband when he showered last because his towel hadn't moved in 3/4 days. I shower every day, sometimes twice if I run. I would say I'm a 5 or 6 most days, too.

    I must add that short hair helps tremendously. Ky - maybe chopping it off is the answer? However, I envy your supermodel hair! Not the maintenance, though.

    PS - LOVELY talking with you yesterday!


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