Semi-reluctant emancipation

 Nursing is over.

My baby is moving quickly into toddlerhood and she is no longer all up on my business. And quite honestly, I think it was very much so a mutual decision. (If not more her decision than mine.)

Here are some brief and possibly TMI thoughts regarding this whole year of breastfeeding and pumping and the weaning (hate that name), therefore we're going to call it the, "growing up and moving on" process.

I did it.
In all authentic honesty, I'm proud of myself.

I committed (month by month) to nursing Lila for one year and I did it. I lugged that annoying pump (that I'd like to set on fire at this point) to work and EVERYWHERE. When my supply dwindled around the 8 month point, I pumped EVERY TWO HOURS to keep it up. I'm not asking for any medals here, but between you, me and the lamp post - I'm proud of myself.

The "growing up and moving on" process was really... no big deal.
I read about weaning, how to do it, what to expect, what the signs of disinterest in your baby are, how your boobs will more than likely be painfully uncomfortable... I experienced pretty much none of this. It was as natural to stop breastfeeding as it was to start. (I think that's how I knew it was the right time.)

How did I know it was time to stop?
Several reasons. First, my kid was only nursing twice a day for several hot seconds. (Morning and night) And, she would have had NO problems with just nursing in the morning.  We nursed less and less. She just didn't WANT to do it.

And, let's be honest - I wanted my uptop back. It's literally belonged to someone else in its' most utilitarian form and fashion since I got pregnant back in September/October of 2008. It's now June 2010. My boobs needed to be mine again.

How did we stop?
About a week and a half before her birthday, I stopped pumping altogether; and only nursed in the morning and at night. (IT was HEAVEN.) And, we introduced some whole milk on a trial basis. (Half breast milk, half whole milk). Lila noticed NO difference. So, for the week and a half leading up to her birthday she had frozen breastmilk from our stash and whole milk without a CARE in the world.

We watched for any lactose intolerance or allergies and noticed that she was absolutely fine.

Did Lila seem to notice or care?
No. Not even a little. In face, we retired her baby bottles at the same time. She's drinking water and whole milk solely out of sippy cups. Good bye boobs, good bye bottles. Hello independence.

Has Lila nursed at all since you've "weaned" her.
Eh, once or twice. After our flight from hell (from Cabo to Detroit), she literally nursed for 4 minutes. Bottom line, my uptop doesn't soothe her anymore. Petal, her beloved bunny, does.

My baby is growing up.

Am I sad to stop nursing?
I thought I would be... AND, part of me will always love that bonding time between us... HOWEVER, life just got that much easier!!! I mean, life REALLY got easier. And I really love it that Lila's growing up and moving on and that I am, as well.

Did I feel engorged or uncomfortable when we were going through this process? And, if so - how long did it last?
After recovering from an emergency c-section and experiencing the craziness that happens with that, I'm willing to say that the discomfort of semi-rock-solid breasts is about a .5 on a scale of 1 (no pain) to 10 (extreme discomfort). And, it lasted for like a day or so. Easy-peasy. I think the key is to gradually stop nursing/pumping. GRADUALLY. No cold turkey here.

So, there it is.

The chapter is our lives is effectively closed.


  1. "she is no longer all up on my business" - that made me laugh!

    Yay you for sticking to it for a year! (I can't get over that it's been a year!)

    I wanted to let you know that I have appreciated your approach to breastfeeding on your blog. You haven't been all in your face or judgemental about it, you've just shared your experience as a mommy feeding her baby. And I've just really enjoyed that.

  2. Congrats, friend!

    You have every right to be proud of yourself. You set a goal, and you met it.

    Thanks for sharing your experience. Nice to have the information.

  3. congratulations on reaching your goal and happy you've had a smooth transition. yay!

  4. Congrats to you and WAY TO GO!

  5. Way to go! You did it! (I did too, but I still can't get Blake to cut out the nursing before bed. . . he is not ready to give it up!) <3

  6. I'm SOOOOOO impressed you did that for so long, Kylee! So impressed.

    Congratulations to you and Lila on a job well done:) Hehe.


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