Ok. I'm going to make this short.

6/09/2010 04:08:00 AM
I just read this article and I think that maybe I'm going to not write a long post tonight. (I'm writing this on Tuesday night.)


I think I'm going to spend some time with my family.




  1. This is very interesting to me. (long comment….sorry)

    "The technology is rewiring our brains,” quote is something I truly believe.

    As great as I think technology is when utilized correctly, I really do believe it is overloading our brains and the way we think. Even the last couple years as I have started using more social networking sites and increased the technology I use I feel more scattered in the way I think. I have a much shorter attention span when it comes to the intake of information (I mean I couldn’t even finish that article because it was 5 pages). Should everything in our society be in 140 characters or less?! I don’t think so. But many times that is how I think. We want information, from multiple sources, and we want it now and as to the point as possible. We don’t have time for a couple cups of coffee and reading the Sunday paper when we can quickly go to our blackberry’s and scan the latest news on CNN.com. Is that better or worse, who knows it just is how we do things today.

    Technology is even rewiring our brains in the world of TV. It is VERY evident in the type of shows people watch. People seem to want fast pace, and mindless programming. Just look at all the crap that is on TV….that we all love. (Myself included) Plus I know I want to fast forward through commercials or parts of TV I don’t like instead of just relaxing and watching what it on. I will watch TV, play online, and text message some evenings after I just spent all day infront of a computer and online. Why?! Why are we in that much of a hurry to just process as much information as possible and from as many outlets as possible? We are never giving our mind a chance to just relax…it is WAY too over stimulated.

    A few months ago I told myself I need to cool it with all the technology as it just seemed to be everywhere and it really became too much and unnecessary for me. I love technology and what it can provide. It keeps us connected, provides us many wonderful resources and information, and really is a beneficial; but too much of anything isn’t good and that is where I feel technology is starting to go. I have tried to limit blogging & social media and instead do crafts or working out (blech…not nearly as fun as blogging). I refuse to get any phone with internet, though I have a feeling in the next 5 years it will become standard on all cell phones…but for now I am trying to stay away, even if my mom’s Droid is AWESOME. We have decided not to get rid of our land line home phone as we want to remain grounded (get it) and not be completely wireless. And I am trying to not to feel so dependent on Technology and the information it provides.

    Here is something interesting I have thought of. Do you think our kids are going to be as into technology as we are today, into it way more, or not as into it because it is so much the norm? I wonder sometimes if because I (and anyone older than me) didn’t have a lot or any technology growing up that we like it more because it is “new” or doesn’t it matter if we didn’t grow up with it like kids today because they are always creating new things?! It is interesting.

    (Sorry for the rant, I have a couple posts about this type of stuff that I haven’t posted yet…but it is interesting to me)

  2. (also a long comment, sorry!) What an interesting article. Thank you for sharing. And WK, I liked your comments too.

    This line in the article got to me - "Computer users at work change windows or check e-mail or other programs nearly 37 times an hour, new research shows." How true! And sad! Yesterday I was getting frazzled at work because I had to complete a project, and I had a very limited amount of time to complete it. But I kept getting side-tracked by email. I had my work email on, on my desktop, so the message would pop up as soon as it came in. I felt like I HAD to respond RIGHT THEN. I had my Blackberry on and it kept dinging with Facebook, Twitter and personal email stuff. Aaaack! I turned it all off. Something I have NEVER done. I turned it all off and I got my project done, in half the time I thought it would take me, and it was probably completed BETTER because I was so focused. And, wouldn't you know, when I turned back on all of my gadgets (because of course I turned them all back on as soon as my project was complete!) I really didn't miss a thing. Just a few emails that really didn't require immediate response.

    It was very enlightening for me.

    I love technology, but, like WK said, I'm trying to make a concerted effort to limit it. I'm not blogging much, hardly at all. And it's because I'm spending time with my kids at night rather than being on the lap top!

    Now this is kinda funny - we were recently at a nature center place where they had pre-recorded messages about what you were looking at. They had a big red telephone receiver. Lydia picked it up, and she's holding it like she had NO IDEA what to do with it. She kept twisting is around in her hand and couldn't figure it out. We had to tell her - hold it up to your ear - and then she got it. It was so bizzare, but then we realized that the girls have never seen a real telephone, because no one we know has one anymore. I do wonder what things will look like in a dozen or so years when they're utilitizing technology. What will "smart phones" be like then?!

    Good post Miss Two Pretzels, good post.

  3. all things in moderation. i take weekends off from blogging, commenting, and back off of twitter. i like spending the day untechnoligized. it's nice.


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