Oh no. Tell me it isn't so.

6/23/2010 04:08:00 AM
That, my friends. Is a bodysuit.

Similar to the bodysuit I was wearing in my high school senior pictures. 
Except I was also wearing overalls and a matching blue pageboy hat.

TOP that.


  1. I've never worn them, they never fit right. I'm dismayed that they are back!

  2. can we please see a copy of that senior photo? :)

  3. i don't know what's funnier. that you admitted to wearing one of these bad boys or that you found a photo of one, presumably, back on the market again!?

  4. ok... ok... call me crazy... BUT...

    i think that bodysuits are ok in one situation: dress shirts. i like that they hold them down so they aren't constantly coming untucked. mostly for those rare occasions when i have to wear a suit it sounds convenient.

    (i don't own any, but Victoria's Secret has been selling that kind for YEARS)


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