Nope. I can't complain about Babies R Us.

So I have the $279.00 Medela Pump In Style Advanced breast pump. (And yes I realize that the, "In style" part of that product name is anything but accurate.)

Anywho - we got the pump before Lila's arrival back in April of 2009. I have since used it constantly.
Recently the A/C adapter that plugs into the wall started to go. It's super annoying. It doesn't get a full-electrical connection no matter how much I wiggle it so the pump turns on and off during the pumping process. (I've switched to the battery pack.)

So I call the Babies R Us Buyer Protection program (because I bought the $30 warranty plan when we got the pump) and told them about the problem with my A/C adapter that retails for $22.44 on the Medela website.

Long story short, the *very* lovely customer service rep tells me that they're happy to rectify the problem and that I need to buy a new pump, send in the old pump's receipt and the new pump's receipt and they'll send me a check to reimburse me.


Question: Seriously? Buy a whole new pump because the adapter doesn't work? Do I send the old pump to Babies R Us?

Answer: No. It's allegedly a bio-hazard to mail it... So, I'll soon have two pumps for the price of one, plus the $30.00 warranty plan.

How CRAZY is that?

Note: I have attempted to call Medela to request a new A/C adapter because I realize that would be much simpler, but I was unfortunately on-hold with them for 45 minutes so I finally hung up.

Way to go Babies R Us. You've redeemed yourself in my eyes. And friends, buy the $30 warranty program on your breast pump.


  1. I'm sorry you were on hold with Medela for so long :( They are a great company... an old client of mine actually...I'm surprised you were on hold for so long.

    Great for Babies R Us!

  2. SassyTimes - I'm with you - Medela has been FANTASTIC for me in the past, as well. I especially *love* their online lactation specialists. They're so friendly and so helpful!

  3. sweet deal! i bought mine used so i don't have a warranty. i sure hope it never breaks. :(

    but the medela people were fabulous for me too, i called them and told them i needed new tubing and couldn't find it in my area and they shipped me some for free.

  4. A's borrowed pump ran into the same problem and we found a spare AC adapter around the house that worked for us. But a hole new pump for free is an even better deal.

  5. Glad someone is having a pleasant experience with Babies R Us. They've been nothing but a thorn in my side since Logan was born almost two years ago.

  6. One of my best friends from college just had her first baby in May and I went to see her. Modesty has never been her thing.

    She introduced me to the world of breast pumping and it was really quite amazing. I got to see that very machine in action....a whole lot of action.

    My friend described her own breasts as "national geographic." They were big before. I told her she needed her own reality show.


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