A little stroll down memory lane...

6/17/2010 10:48:00 AM
Thanks to VintageAdBrowser.com and C. for finding this.

Go ahead. Waste some time. :)

I wanted this phone.

We didn't get a family cordless phone until I was a senior in high school.
No kidding. We had a kitchen phone with a phone cord that was 25 feet long.

TELL ME you remember these!!!

I still love Strawberry Shortcake and I can still smell the strawberry breath that my doll would have each time you squeezed her.
(Looking back, that's kind of creepy...)

Never had an easy bake oven.
Always wanted one.
However, I DID have a creepy crawler's oven.
(Thanks Mom.)

This had to have come out right around the Marky Mark/Calvin Klein era.

(I totally had that Shell station lego set. LEGOS are amazing.)

Fun stuff.


  1. LOL I still have my strawberry shortcake dolls, was it their breath that they had or was it their hair that was scented? They would always be the "kids" for my Barbies.
    Legos are still the best! My little brother, who is now 28, still gets legos in his stocking!
    My parents still have a corded phone in the living room and a cordless phone in the kitchen. I destroyed the one they had forever when I sprayed it with lysol. I was trying to be considerate (I had mono) but they had to get a new phone :)

  2. This post is just a whole lot of AWESOME! Those ads are cool!

    Together, we are Easy Bake Oven-less. Why mom, why?! I tease her to this day for not getting me one. And I WANTED one, like really bad. I blame my lack of baking skills on not having an Easy Bake, ha! You know I got the girls one! You need to buy Lila one like NOW so you can start experimenting! You can even make pretzels with it!

    I was crazy for Cabbage Patch kids back in the day and also those animal Cabbage Patch kid-thingies. I had the striped tiger.

  3. I was in high school, too, before our family went "cordless". And it had the foot-long antenna you had to pull out of the top...

    Ahh, Strawberry Shortcake. My grandfateher made me a Strawberry Shortcake dollhouse before he passed away. It was 3 stories tall, since the rooms were only tall enough for them (take that, Barbie ;P).

    And my best friend had an easy bake oven. I was SO jealous.

    Have you seen the new Toy Story Lego sets? Too, too cute!

    Thanks for the lovely stroll! (btw, did you ever have one of those plastic charm necklaces? w/the great big chain links for hooking the charms on?)

  4. I had forgotten all about Poochie! Thanks for bringing it back into my life!

  5. I had the garfield phone! Don't know whatever happened to it either. I also had a little pair of garfield scissors that I used to trim my bangs in the corner of my closet once.

    Alex is playing with the Shell legos as we speak. We found them in Joan's attic a few weeks back. I had no idea my girl would be so lego crazy.


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