Lila Lunes:
I love this kid.

6/14/2010 03:08:00 AM
Enjoying some fish.

So last night as Lila and I were doing our nightly quiet time, she slipped her hand into my closed fist and started moving her little fingers around to tickle me. I laughed... Then she did it again. I laughed more. She did it again. What? She's tickling me now?!

This little sweetie pie has melted my heart.

Here's the thing: I love that we can interact and communicate with her so much more than we ever have been able to before. It makes this whole parenting thing that much cooler.

Moving on...

Q. Does Lila talk a lot?
A. She babbles continuously. The words that we can actually make out are: yay!, er-gie (Fergie), mamamamama and dadadadadadada and yeah.

My favorite? "Good morning, Lila! Did you sleep well?" She responds with, "Yeah."

Lol. What?! Did you seriously just answer, "Yeah"?

Q. Does Lila do any sign language?
A. No. She refuses to. And trust me, it's not for lack of trying on our part. She makes noises instead of signs. Lots and lots of noises. (Just ask anyone who attempts to have a phone conversation with me.) 

She's just got no interest and we choose our battles in this house.

Q. Is Lila walking yet?
A. Still no. She's taken a FEW steps on her own, but she still appears to be quite content crawling everywhere she needs to go. 

Q. Are we preparing for Lila's first birthday party!?
A. YES! We're doing a little shindig at my sister's house this weekend. It's going to be pretty-low key. Barbeque fare, swimming, cupcakes and such. Care to see the invitation? (You can click to make larger.)

Here are some more pics of the little lady...

 Lila is super into throwing her food overboard when she's over it.
This week it was raining black beans, peas and carrots.


Here she is throwing it overboard.

...And then checking to make sure that it absolutely landed on the floor.
Note: Ferg hates black beans, peas and carrots so she's virtually no help in this arena.
Second note: Lila would NEVER throw cheese overboard. 'Atta girl.

Drawers are a really exciting treasure trove these days for my sweet pickle.

"Hi Mommy! I've thrown all of the storage containers on the ground. Cool?"
(Found objects are so much more fun than actual toys.)

Swinging is

Can you see that huge bite on Lila's arm?
We're thinking it was a spider. Poor babe.

Petal is Lila's lifeline.
I'm not kidding.

More hugs for Petal.

More swimming!
Lila's laughing. The hose is hilarious.


Splashing is super-fun.

Waking up after a nap. Singing to me.
Showing me all of her stuffed animals.

My favorite picture of the week.

For the record, Lila will be ONE YEAR OLD next Monday.
Holy cow. Holy cow. Holy cow. (Go ahead, say it: "Already!? Where did the time go?")



  1. Wow, one year! I can't believe it! Happy "almost" 1st birthday Lila! You are absolutely precious and I wish you a very fun party! :)

  2. I cannot believe she is almost a year old. That just doesn't seem possible.

    I wish her a very, very happy birthday! (Love the invite too!)

    That last picture is great. She looks so grown-up!

  3. Ditto on Sarah's comment--Lila looks so grown-up in that last picture! It almost breaks my heart.

    And, for the record, the face she's making in the pic on the invite...yeah...that one comes straight from her mommy. :)

  4. ohmygod, i love how interactive she is! you do a great job sharing her personality with us every week.

    (jude also doesn't always sign, he knows the sign for more but won't sign it back, instead he says, m-m-m-m-m-mooooo. whatever, kid)

  5. agree with Kendra on the mommy imitation for the birthday invite! that is a K. face!

    also, those little teeth are just adorable. i love the pics and love the update. can't believe the little cupcake is turning one. i'm sure it's bittersweet, but YOU GUYS MADE IT!! and made it well, might i add.

  6. I agree, she looks SO grown up in that last picture!! I love it.

    She looks like so much fun and a complete hoot to be around!

    1 year I still can not believe how fast it has gone by. YAY for making it through the first year!

  7. Delightful! Such a cheery kid!


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