Lila Lunes:
Happy Birthday, Sweet Baby

Sweet Lila,

It seems that you haven’t just left dainty smudges all over every reflective surface in our house –  you’ve also left them all over my heart.

When I first met you, Lila – we clicked.

After a somewhat eventful not-as-planned delivery, the doctor held you near me and I remember thinking, “She’s here.”

[insert contented, happy sigh...]

 “She’s here.”

Then when I got to really inspect you – your fingers (your Grandma’s), your toes, your nose (mine!), those eyes (your Grandpa’s), those lips (your Daddy’s)… I truly thought, “There is no more perfect baby than this. Truly. She's perfect.”

And you are.

Now, I suppose that’s what all Mommies think. In fact, my Mom told me that when she was in the hospital after having delivered me she introduced me to her sisters and asked, “Isn’t she beautiful?!?” and they saw the truth: I looked like a spider monkey. But they nodded and said, “Yes, she is.”

(That’s what good sisters do.)

With you? There’s no spider monkey. You were perfect from the get.

They say that there’s really no way that you can ever prepare for parenthood, and as annoying as it is when these sentiments prove to be true, well… it’s true.

The day we took you home I remember thinking. “Ok. Let’s do this. I’m this little lady’s Mommy. He’s her Daddy. That’s her dog. We’re a family. We can do this.”

I think I speak for your Daddy when I say we had no idea that we had the capacity to love someone as much as we love you.

Quite honestly, up until you were born – babies BORED me.

“Yep, oh? She’s sitting up now? Great…”

“Oh, really, she’s eating solid food? That’s awesome…”

“Oh, wow. She sleeps through the night? Fantastic…”

The last thing I ever truthfully wanted to do was to talk about someone else’s baby.

But now I get it…

…because I have you.

In fact, I’ve written updates about your life for the past 52 weeks because that’s how much I like talking about you and because that’s how proud I am of you.

Being your Mommy was worth the wait.
You came into our lives, into my life, at exactly the right momentito.
You showed up when you were supposed to. Not one moment before.

Those first weeks were tough. But I’d do them all over again just to hold you as that little 6.5 lb. swaddled peanut. And smell your baby smell and baby breath.

I’d stay up all hours of the night again just to repeatedly make sure you were breathing.

I’d even take the evenings that I spent pacing and crying right along with you all over again.

You’re worth it. Baby girl, you’re worth it.

Watching you grow has been incredible. You literally have grown faster than a chia pet.

Every time I blink you’ve reached a new milestone – it’s amazing.

And I enjoy you.

I mean, I really like being around you. You’re fun. You make me laugh. And, I think you may end up being a snuggler after all…

Your personality is presenting itself more and more each day and I can’t help but nearly fall out of my chair each time you crinkle that face and give me a giggle.

Oh, Lila.

And then there’s you and your Daddy.

You and your Daddy are quite a pair. Something happened the day you were born. It’s like he was made to be your Daddy; and you were made to be his baby girl. The way he swaddled you and held you like a little, teeny pink football in the hospital melted my heart.

You know whenever you smile at him he shakes his head and says out loud, “It’s too much.” And I think I know what he means.

He means that we love you so much.
You’re too precious to us.
And there are just no words to describe how “full” our lives are now that you’re here.

Lila, being your mommy has been one of the greatest honors of my life.

I wrote a little something to you back when you were still in my belly, before I even knew how cool you’d be.

Dear Lila,

I’m hopeful for what kind of woman you’ll be. I hope you’re strong and courageous with an ability to laugh at yourself and the world when life gets overwhelming. I hope that you draw your strength from your faith.

I hope you’re as calm and knowledgeable and as sensible as your Dad. I hope you’re socially aware, yet not easily swayed by popular opinion. I hope you’re unique and that you value honesty, kindness, sincerity and trustworthiness.

I hope you are happy.

I hope at the end of the each day, you’ll be able to rest your sweet head and be content with who you are. I hope that you find a counterpart, a husband, who loves and treasures you, but most of all is your best friend.

I hope that one day, you’ll be sitting in your bed at 28 weeks pregnant writing to your yet-to-be-born child. It’s the most humbling and blessed gift ever.

I love you so much already.

Your Mommy

And Lila, it’s true. You’re the most humbling and blessed gift ever.

Happy, happy birthday Lila. I've never meant it more: I am so glad that you were born.

Your Mommy


  1. Awe, made me cry. What a sweet post. Happy Birthday Lila!!! That went entirely too fast.

    I love that last pic of her in the high chair. What a smile!

  2. Lila,

    You're one lucky little girl. You've got the Mommy of all Mommies, and I hope one day - when you're 15 and rolling your eyes at her - you read this post and know that you are one of the most special, loved girls on this Earth.

    Happy Birthday Lila!

  3. Yay! A year old! She's a total doll. Congratulations! Happy Bday Lila!!!!!!

  4. So wonderfully sweet!! The picture with the sunglasses, too fabulous for words!! Thank you for sharing this post, it's beautiful!

  5. Wow....what a beautiful post! I couldn't read it without crying.
    Thanks for sharing your journey with us.

    She's so beautiful!

  6. and now that i'm bawling my eyes out... this was a perfect post to mark this amazing milestone. i am so glad you and craig have this little baby girl and that she has you. i couldn't think a better combination, the three of you. love you all.

  7. Okay, now I'm crying.

    Beautiful post, Kylee. Happy 1st Birthday to your little cupcake! She is so blessed to have and know you as her Mommy, and equally blessed to have and know Craig as her Daddy.

    Hugs to all four of you on this special day!

  8. Sweetest post EVER! Happy Birthday Lila! <3

  9. Happy 1st Birthday Lila and congrats Craig and Kylee on 1 year of all are wonderful and I wish you the best day!!! XO

  10. Oh Ky, this was such a beautifully written post and I don’t think anyone will be able to make it through without tears because you can just feel how much love and happiness Lila has brought into your and C.’s life and you can tell by looking at that happy and beautiful little girl how much love and happiness is in hers.


    Big smooches to your birthday girl!

  11. Lila is one of the luckiest girls in the world to have parents like you and C. Congratulations!! Many happy birthdays from here on out!

  12. I am crying my eyes out! Such perfect timing for me to read these wonderful words. Kylee, you are truly inspiring. Lila, you are beautiful. Craig, you are wonderful. And Ferg, we love you too!

  13. Kylee, that's the sweetest Lila Lunes of all (and they are ALL pretty darn sweet!). All of your hopes and dreams you wrote to her....they'll come true....because she has a loving Mommy and Daddy to raise her the right way. God's blessings to Lila and her mom, her dad, and her dog. <3 ~edana

  14. tear. (seriously) lila's just as lucky to have you for a mama, as you are to have her for your cupcake. happy b-day, lila! and congrats ky -- you're an all-star mom! :)

  15. Such a sweet post...I read your blog through Iris Took's blog (I'm a friend of hers through work, love her) and i adore it! My son (Brody) just turned one in April and i can totally appreciate the sentiment in this post (among all of the Lila Lunes posts!!!) Parenthood is the most amazing, rewarding, challenging, fabulously chaotic adventure we'll ever be a part of! I hope you continue the Lila Lunes posts..even after the year is through!

  16. Amazing.

    That little girl has a lot to smile about. There is so much love in that post, it's incredible.

    Happy 1st Birthday, Lila!

    And Happy One Year of Mommyhood, Kylee!

  17. I'm crying.

    This was absolutely beautiful.

    I don't know who's luckier: You, Craig, Lila (Ferg!). What a wonderful, beautiful family. What a wonderful way of memorializing a momentous event. This was just beautiful, Ky.

    (Still crying a little bit.)

    Happy birthday, Lila!

  18. [wiping away tears]

    what a lovely, heartfelt, love-filled post to miss lila!

    she is one lucky little girl!

    happy 1st birthday lila! (and happy "birth" day to you Kylee!)


  19. You know, you just don't mess with a pregnant woman's emotions like this. I just can't handle it.

    You three are just too, too much and I love it!


    What a beautiful post. I think you need to teach a "Blog" class somehow. Your words coupled with your photos tell such an amazing story.

    Love and miss you and cannot wait to see the 1 year old birthday girl!!!

  21. Oh Kylee...Spoken like a true "MOTHER"!!! Happy Birthday to your precious gift from God!!!

  22. Yay! What a beautiful post. :)

  23. Happy Birthday to your beautiful baby girl!!

  24. Absolutely beautiful, Kylee. I can't believe how time flies. Lila is such a special little gal - and so blessed to have you and Craig as parents.

    Happy Happy 1st Birthday Lila!

  25. Happy Birthday Lila!
    What a sweet sweet post. She is so lucky to have to have you as a Mommy. We miss you all.
    Claire and Bennett say Happy Birthday too.

  26. I am so touched to have been able to share in Lila's first year of life, to hear and see all that has become this sweet 1 year old she is today. I am equally blessed to know her mom and dad as they touch my heart and life over and over! LILA WE ARE ALL SOO GLAD THAT YOU WERE BORN~ WE ARE SO LUCKY TO SHARE IN YOUR LIFE! Happy 'birth' day to your mom and dad as well! love you and miss you so much!

  27. Oh Kylee, I knew when I started reading this I was going to be crying by the end. I'm NOT a crier... except when it comes to your blog, apparently.

    What a lovely post. I'm so happy for you & for Lila to have a mommy as wonderful as you are. What a gift your letters & posts to her (and about her) will be for her one day.


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