Is it just me?

6/15/2010 04:08:00 AM
Is it me or do racerback bras make your shoulders/clavicle HURT?

I mean, I understand that my uptop is incredibly sizable. (heh, heh...)

But seriously, I believe I prefer my bra straps a bit more appropriately spaced out in order to distribute the [sizable] weight more evenly.

Apparently this is what I get for attempting to be classy and hiding my bra straps underneath my beaters.

I have to remember that,  "money can't buy me class, elegance is learned." (Anyone else embarrassed that they knew what those lyrics are from?)


  1. I have a few things to say:
    1. I am really tired right now, so I had to re-read the first line of your post, as I couldn't understand at first why a brassiere could make your ceviche hurt. :)

    2. I love that you call it your "uptop".

    3. I also sadly know where those lyrics are from, and her voice is SCARY.

  2. i almost exclusively wear racerbacks these days. i HATE on regular bras when i'm constantly pulling the straps back up into place and with a racerback they mind their manners.

    but my up top is not all that sizeable so, maybe that's the difference?

  3. Agree. Not a fan.

    As for "money can't buy me class, elegance is learned." Oh my gosh, I am not only embarrassed I know that but I feel embarrassed everytime she sings! Isn't it horrible to watch?! But then something in your body freezes and you can't turn away and you keep watching in sheer pain. It is crazy!!

  4. If sports bras and racerbacks didn't give me a boobloaf, I would wear them everyday and to work. I agree with the grumbles and I hate pulling at the straps and what not. Sports bra is where it's at. "Uptop" IS funny.

  5. Clarification: I in no way, shape or form have a sizable uptop. That's precisely what's confounding me on the discomfort with the racer-back style bras.

    Now, sports bras? I can get behind those. Love 'em. And, they're so attractive, too.

    (Boob loaf. OMG. That cracked me up, Een.)

  6. I also know the lyrics, sadly enough. :)


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