6/08/2010 03:08:00 AM

 A while back I felt a surge of fear when I realized that we hadn't particpated in the U.S. 2010 Census. Remember? I called and they kindly told me that since we're Americans living out of the U.S. of A we don't matter to them. (See old post here.)

Well, guess who we do matter to?

The Mexican government. A very lovely bilingual older woman came to our door yesterday afternoon to ask me various Census-related questions: how long we've lived her, what our occupations are, how many children we have, what our religion is.

I also confirmed to her that Lila does not indeed have a job. Yet.

So, not only do we matter - but we got a sticker out of it, too. We're supposed to leave it stuck to our door jam for approximately 3-4 months. (I'd like for them to come back and scrape it off the door after it's gone through the summer heat. Riiiight.)

Anywho. I'm validated. Someone cares that we exist. :)

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