Exciting times here.

6/14/2010 02:48:00 PM

June 14th (TODAY) - My sister-in-law Nadja just gave birth to her second daughter, Zofia Nicola. Follow her on twitter here. She's been talking about the baby. :)

June 19th - Lila's first birthday party at my sister's house!

June 20th - Our 13-year anniversary / Craig's Father's Day / Lionel Richie's Birthday

June 21st - Lila's ACTUAL birthday!  (Lila has requested cristal and Jay-Z to celebrate.)

June 22nd - Fergie Lupita's 3rd birthday! (Ferg has requested a Cesar's Gourmet to celebrate.)

...and there's a couple of more super-exciting things happening next week... that I'm choosing to keep private. (Oddly.)

I've got a lot on the old brain. Blogging may suffer. Or it may flourish. You never know with me. Consider this fair warning.

Fun fact: All through high school, every single day, Craig ate two twinkies a day. He's radioactive today because of it.


  1. Ooh, you're killin' me. :)

    (I love that your husband is radioactive. :) Hee. Also, that you've been together for 13 years!! That's so amazing!)

  2. I am SO happy to hear all these amazing and wonderful things that are going on with you and your family!!!! HOW WONDERFUL and EXCITING!!

    (I am smiling thinking about all this great stuff going on)

  3. How fun! So much to celebrate.

    Congrats to Nadja and Louis!


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