We MUST discuss LOST.

5/12/2010 08:51:00 AM

Just some of the items that are driving me crazy at this very second.
  • This season blows. It's a vast ocean[ic]-like disappointment. (At least, for me. And, yes - pun intended.)
  • Allison Janney as the, "I'm-sorry-but-I-have-to-kill-you" mother is CREEPY. And, I just kept thinking of her as Juno's step mom. Too contrived, if you ask me.
  • The battle between good and evil that has been unfolding is cliche.
  • What? A secret cave/abyss that all goodness comes from? Huh? Stupid.
  • WHAT IS WITH THE CHEESY, mystical-like music? Over it.
  • Not that I care, but how did Allison Janey's character get to the island?
One positive comment: I DID appreciate learning how Jacob and his brother were actually associated. And, I appreciate knowing how Jacob's nameless brother became Smokey the black cloud.

I don't want to be a LOST-Final-season-hater... but really? I mean REALLY?

Ok. PLEASE comment.


  1. Yeah, I felt like "Well now I have a question on how Allison Janey-character got there".... a ques that may never be answered... but it seemed like maybe like everyone else, a boat wreck?

    I have a hard time believing all our questions will be answered in two more episodes. But at this point, I'm so confused that I'm not sure I'll ever have all the answers. I guess some day I'll have to go back and watch all the episodes again!

    And that is all I can comment on.... b/c I'm so confused!!!!!

  2. I, too, wondered about how Allison Janney got there. Hm.

    I don't hate it quite as much as you do. :) I ABSOLUTELY agree the good/evil thing they seem to be leading up to is incredibly cliche, and the music is HORRENDOUS. It takes me right out of any drama that's happening. Maybe I'm just more aware of it now, but I don't remember it being that bad all along.

    I'm still holding out hope that it leads to something awesome. If I thought it was going to be either cliche or just plain infuriating (ala The Sopranos), I don't think I could bring myself to finish watching.

  3. I'm just frustrated. Or impatient. I feel like they aren't getting to the real heart of the issues that people want answers to. Yes, this back story is fine, well and good, but there hasn't been any "meat" this season. I just feel like there is going to be a TON to wrap up in the last two episodes.

    Last night I was thinking, "ok, yeah, they're the two bodies (Adam and Eve). Great, what else you got?" This did not need an hour to explain.

    Much like Locke throughout the series, I've had faith that these writers will explain it all in a mind-blowing way. And so far, I ain't impressed. My mind is not blown.

    I shall continue my belief in the writers. But, boy, if I get let down, they may not want to check their email the next day. They'll be a nasty one from yours truly.

  4. "It's the brightest, warmest light you have ever seen or felt."

    I laughed. A big "WTF!? This is SO DUMB. THIS is the best they can do?" laugh... followed by a "I can't believe I've wasted hours of my life on this show" laugh.

    I'm annoyed and disappointed that THIS is the big secret of the island. Boo.

    In fairness, it seems virtually impossible to come up with an actual payout that is as good as the buildup. I really think it would have been better to leave it a mystery.

    I'm not sure it will be possible to be won back to fandom in the last 2 episodes. We'll see.

  5. Quiet Oasis - I hear you loud and clear about the questions being answered in the last 2 episodes. I think it's impossible, really.

    Written Permission - I know that I come across as hating the show, I really don't. I'm just so frustrated with all of this back story.

    Mickey D - You hit the nail on the head. I, too, am impatient.

    Sarah W - Seriously? Could the dialogue have been ANY WORSE yesterday? It was awful. Very disappointing. And, I agree - the experience of being a LOST fan is the payout. Not the finale.

  6. ok, ok, i'm ready. let's discuss.

    1. i thought this episode was EXTRA BORING. they confirmed a lot of things that we already suspected and tried to play it off as "answering questions" but we already guessed most of these things. brothers? duh. foul play by mother? mentioned before. good vs evil, magical magnet island, jacob is protector, duh duh duh.

    2. the only big revelation was the identity of "adam and eve" the skeletons, which really isn't all that important to the story line. but now they can say HEY WE ANSWERED ONE QUESTION.

    3. at the beginning, mother says, "just stop asking questions, every question will just lead to more questions." that was pretty much the writers giving us the finger.

    4. all i care about are the people that were on the fucking plane and we didn't get to see them at all last night. i was reading the interview the writers did with wired and they pretty much admitted that they tricked everyone in to watching by getting us to care about the characters and then switcherooed this into a magical sci-fi show.

    5. jacob drinking out of the cup to become the protector and the boy's white and black clothes were over the top heavy-handed. tacky, dudes.

    6. seriously, did they not have placentas? it was so handy that mother could just pull those babies right out without cutting the cord.

    7. so, interesting, it's being painted that smokey is the bad brother and jacob is clearly the good brother, but when you think about it smokey really didn't do anything bad besides question, investigate, and be curious vs. jacob who just does whatever creepy mama says and he & creepy mama kill people, manipulate, lie, etc. kinda makes smokey look not so bad. but i still hate him anyway for some reason.

    so, jacob flushed his brother down the magical life toilet golden vagina in a cave and he came out smokey monster. meh.

    come back and discuss with me!?!!

  7. Ok....I have watched exactly 12 minutes of one episode of this show and decided it wasn't for me. Reading your post confirms that I made a very very good decision.

    This show just sounds like bad relationship....nothing worse to go through all of thatfor a few years only to be let down by the end. Yes, I liken this to him.



  8. So weird and creepy. Why did the nameless bro not see the dead mom? I had so many questions after that episode.

  9. ok, i could have written this post myself. stop with the bad music, stop with the weird tales and the stupid tunnel of light...STOP!!

    one thing to add: did we get new writers for the last season?!? wtf?

  10. I cannot discuss this matter. First, I hate Lost with a red-hot passion. Also, this is Glee time.


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