The way to a woman's heart...

5/07/2010 04:08:00 AM
"A way to a woman's heart is through purchasing her appliances and technology."


I've heard many-a-female say that they would be repulsed if their significant other bought them an appliance for a holiday. I'll tell you what - I'll take a new piece of domestic equipment and/or [ideally] a technological gadget any day of the week.

This past week we got a new fridge. Nothing special, except it actually does it's job. (I.e. foodstuffs in the fridge will no longer be frozen.)

This new fridge has made me soooo happy. Like, Christmas-day-happy.

And, Craig got his Father's Day gift a bit early, too... and let's be honest, he's pretty happy about that appliance.

(No, the fridge is not my Mother's Day gift. But if it were, I'd be cool with that.)

So, don''t buy me flowers every time... Buy me a new card reader. Or a software upgrade. Or a dyson.


  1. our dyson is my boyfriend. i love him. kiss kiss.

  2. This makes me laugh because I swear when I posted something on FB last year about Todd getting me a Shark steam mop for Mother's Day, you made a comment about leaving Craig if he EVER bought you anything like that for a holiday. Maybe I'm wrong but I really think it was you...

  3. Amy - lol. I hate mopping, so more than likely that was me. :)

    I'm fickle. ;)

  4. Nothing makes me happier than a new appliance or domestic item. So I'm with you.

  5. I do love our Dyson somewhat inappropriately. Not sure if I'd be down with getting a cleaning implement or appliance as a gift, but I'm all about electronics vs. flowers every time. Tommy got me a food processor for my birthday one year, and even though I did want one, I felt a little...bummed. So maybe it has to be a "toy" vs. truly practically useful. Oh, hell, I'm fickle, too.

  6. I love cooking but loathe cleaning so it would depend on the item/appliance that was given to me. However, if the cleaning appliance was something sweet that made cleaning fun or easy, I might be happy.


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