Time is running out.
I'm buying the summer purse tomorrow.

5/18/2010 02:22:00 PM
Thus far, 45 of you have voted in my little, "Mama needs a new summer purse" poll - THANK YOU! If you still haven't voted - please, take 14 seconds out of your day and do so. (Click here to vote.)

The results as of Tuesday, May 18th - 3:06 p.m. MT are:

This is the one that's winning with 12 votes.

And this is the runner-up, with 9 votes.

VOTE immediately!
(That was awfully bossy, wasn't it? Can you tell I played alone a lot as a child?)

I'll rephrase that: please vote immediately!

And, if you're really daring - comment on why you chose what you did.
I'd love to hear your reasoning.

I shall be purchasing the weener (misspelling intended) tomorrow (Wed.) evening.


  1. I already voted for the green one. But I secretly want it for myself.

    (odd...my word verification is prezatil. cool.)

  2. I love the green one alot! I actually voted for the orange one as it seemed nice and summery....and I am on an orange kick of late.

  3. I voted for the one that sounds like a sushi roll because I love the green and blue on white - one of my favorite color combos.

  4. i voted for the gray/yellow one. it feels mod and summery, without being overly white.... like a grandma purse. plus, the gray/yellow combo is one of my new faves. (like sarah said, i secretly *may* have voted for the one i wanted myself...) :)

  5. They are all so cute but I voted for the green one, love it! It just says summertime to me, very fresh and fun! :)


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