5/14/2010 05:08:00 AM

So, C. was telling me a story about one of our co-workers. (We work for the same company.)

C. was talking to him... then in the middle of the conversation the fella pulled out his NAIL CLIPPERS and proceeded to CUT HIS NAILS while he and Craig were talking.


I'm serious.

REALLY? Who DOES this?! Gross sicko.


  1. That's gross! I hope he didn't get a finger nail flung into his eye.

  2. Tell Craig I'm soooo sorry for him. Look how long I was traumatized by the guy clipping his nails in a store walking around. Lori summed it up the best. She said that I was acting like the store was Vietnam and the nails were shrapnel.

  3. It used to drive me insane how Gerry Tipping and Mike Valo would sit in the back of Mr. V's class clipping their nails! I can't be sure, but I think they may have even done their toenails a couple of times. Yuck.

  4. the same kind of guy as the one who cut his nails on the bus during my morning commute this week...


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