Please rephrase that. Please?

5/19/2010 04:08:00 AM
I was recently on the phone with someone I work with and he said, "Yeah, we really appreciate your guy's* business..."

*Um yes. He actually pronounced it, "Yer guys is" business.

Oh boy.

I can't stand that.

I'm not a grammar snob, but really? "Yer guys is"?

What is this? Summer camp? You five-years-old?


  1. My mom works with a lady that is in charge of communicating with all of the doctors and students at MCO yet has ZERO grasp on proper English. My mom is smacking her head on her desk daily as she listens to the conversations. She says pacific instead of specific, ain't, and all words that SHOULD end in "th" end in "f" ie "baf" for "bath".

  2. Terrible!

    Nadja, that job would make me drink heavily.

  3. I'd like to join the force please. I've dreamed of the day there would be a grammar police force! (seriously)


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