Painter, I am not.

5/22/2010 03:08:00 AM
So last weekend when Craig was out of town I decided to paint him a picture.

One picture turned into four.

Here they are.

You can click to make larger, if you so desire. :)

I painted the backgrounds with a brush and finger painted the letters. (My favorite part. We should all finger paint more often.)

Our room is really dark (as it should be) and quite honestly, I didn't think to turn on the overhead light when I took this.
Then I was too lazy to go and re-take the photo. 
So here it is, for better or worse.


  1. That looks great! Love the wall color...

  2. I absolutely love this! Don't sell yourself short, my dear. I think this is lovely. :)

  3. I agree.

    And fingerpainting is awesome. Athena and I partake in the activity many times per week.

  4. Wow - I totally love this!!

  5. This is AWESOME. Very very awesome. Well done


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