...or, maybe I'm just growing up.

5/12/2010 03:08:00 AM

I think this recession has changed me.

After we moved to Mexico and before the madness ensued I'll be honest - I was a bit of a spendthrift.

Then, a while back I went on a VERY strict dual-purpose, "If-you-don't-need-it, don't-buy-it" campaign. And it was AWESOME. It honestly left me feeling uber-empowered. Yes, I felt empowered when I used up the 15 half-full lotion bottles in my drawer-o-products in our bathroom. And, who doesn't like to save money?

So now, a few months after my spending freeze has been lifted I've found that I've been... changed.

I don't buy nearly as much random stuff as I used to.

I think through purchases a little more thoroughly.

I put items in my online shopping cart, but I wait a few days to see if I really need those things.


I'd rather have less stuff and more money. This recession has taught me the importance of savings more than ever.

What have YOU learned?


  1. I've learned that I need to do the same thing you did. Now if I could just get my husband to do the same...

  2. The recession has taught me that I miss those days when I was right out of college with no debt, no responsibilities and more money that I'd ever had in my life (which wasn't a lot, but still...enough to blow $100 at Target if I felt like it). That was fun!

    Living frugally is tough, but necessary. I wish I would have done more of that back in the day.

    Oh well, we're going to win the lottery and then all our problems will vanish. Because, as you know, money buys happiness! LOL


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