MexMo: Pleasant Surprise.

5/11/2010 09:24:00 AM
Usually when I go to the grocery store here I brace myself for the incredibly slow cashier and the 95-year-old bagger (I kid you not). I invariably get in line behind the one lady who chooses to pay her telephone bill and her electric bill, and then her brother's electric bill, then her cousin's bill... you get the picture.

Yesterday, there was a lane EMPTY so I ran to it and started to unload my cart. The cashier patiently waited.  And waited. After I had close to ten items on his never-cleaned conveyor belt, I felt like he could start his part of this deal (scanning the food) - but he stood there. And waited.

Ok, whatever. Weirdo.

So I finished unloading my whole cart-load of food.

Then, I swear someone body somewhere yelled, "On your mark, get set... GO!!!" (In spanish, of course.)

The cashier began RACING against the clock to scan my foodstuffs as QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE. As if the items were on FIRE and he could BARELY touch them. Then I look and the 15-year-old-ish bagger started packing my stuff into the cart SO fast I momentarily paused and seriously wondered, "Are they being timed? Are their jobs on the line?"

Their lightening-fast speed flipped me out a little. I hurried to get my wallet and debit card out out of my wallet. Lila just sat in the cart wide-eyed. This quick pace was NOT normal for Los Cabos.)

Moral of the story: there is definitely ONE fast cashier/bagger duo at Mega and they're amazing.

And, I really liked the way the bagger loaded my cut watermelon into the cart.

Made me laugh.


  1. Music to my ears. I was just complaining that most baggers will but one item in a bag and then double bag it. UGH! I like to bag myself since I have prior experience and find that I do it better myself (at the risk of being snobbish).

  2. Iris - I was a bagger to!!! :) I think I bag better than any kid at the stores these days. :)

  3. I have read this like 3 times. For some reason I'm loving this duo.

    I use to hate it when I had to help bag at Meijer. People with OCD are NOT quick baggers, but your shit be TIGHT in those bags.


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