Mama needs a new summer purse. Thoughts?

5/15/2010 09:37:00 PM
As it turns out I'd like a new canvas/fabric/linen summer purse. I'm deciding between these. All from etsy. All under $50.  Thoughts? Please vote for your fave.

Option A. Summertime Linen

Option B -Rust & Turquoise flowers

Option C - Marimekko Flower

Option D - Pleated double strap watercolor

Option E - Optic Blossom

 Option F - Greenie

Which bag should I buy?

Click the comments section to see the ones I really am leaning toward.


  1. I'm really loving D - watercolor and F greenie...


  2. I voted for B b/c I love pattern/color. However, even though I don't "know" you, "F" struck me as "you". And the one most likely to match the most outfits and still be super cute.

  3. i voted for the rainbow colored one (is it called watercolor?). anyway, i think it could carry you through the summer successfully...

  4. i voted optic flowers or whatever that one was, because i'm saving the linen one for myself ;)

  5. NEEDS or WANTS?

    Just sayin'.


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