Lila Lunes:
We're truckin' along. Or shall I say, "teething" along.

5/02/2010 11:08:00 PM
 Lila is always on the move.
(And I think I love it.)

Q. How's Lila?
A. Funny. Blonde-ish. Weighing in at 17.9 lbs. We're almost to 18 lbs.

Q. Why do I care how much Lila weighs?
A. Because she's got to weigh at least 20 lbs. (or be one year old) before we can put her in her big-girl (forward-facing) car seat.

Q. Why does it matter if she sits facing the backseat or facing forward?

A. Well, because she SCREAMS the ENTIRE TIME she's facing the backseat. This is relatively new and frustrating for all of us. (And yes I realize she's only 2 lbs from the minimum and in the grand scheme of things that's not that much... I could put her in the big girl seat... but that ain't gonna happen, friends. NO way, Jose. I'm a first-time Mommy and I play by the rules.)

Q. What are her favorite things right now?
A. Eating tofu and blueberries. (Together or separately.) And, FERG.

Q. Lila's favorite thing is Ferg?
A. YES. It seems this week that Lila really discovered Ferg. Well, she's known that the Ferginator was here - but this week it clicked that they really were buddies.

Q. How so?
A. Lila likes to feed Ferg. Ferg loves to be fed. Lila likes to take toys from Ferg. Ferg likes for Lila to take her toys from her. Lila literally LAUGHS and LAUGHS at Ferg It's pretty awesome, really. (I love that dog. She's smiling below.)

Q. How are Lila's teeth?
A. Eh, they're ok. We're still awaiting the 4th tooth. It's causing a lot of discontent in this house. We (Craig and I) are not fans of teething. (You know, since it's all about us.)

Q. So, do mosquitoes love Lila?
A. Funny you should ask: YES. Lila clearly takes after her Daddy. (Mosquitoes don't bite me. I'm not sweet.) Lila has THREE huge welts from mosquitoes - my least favorite is on her face, next to her eye. Sad. Those mosquitoes better watch out.

Ok, that's about it for this week.
Short update.
Just a few pictures...
I'll upload some Ferg/Lila movies later in the day - so stop back! They're cute.

 The little lady is getting stuck 24/7. She stands and pulls up just fine... but she hasn't figured out how to sit down from the standing position. :)

Lila suggesting eating the entire teething tablets bottle.

Loving being awoken from her nap.

Lila received Gil the gorilla for Children's Day. She loves him.
 Love that face.

Seriously, these two were like peanut butter and jelly this week.
 Where's Lila? Where's Ferg?
(Yes, that is Ferg holding her moose while laying on TOP of Gil the Gorilla.)

 ...And, here's my favorite picture of the week.
She's hugging Ferg.
Yay. Goal #1 accomplished.
Lila loves animals.

Here's to a good week!


  1. "I'm a first-time Mommy and I play by the rules."

    I love this quote...and I am so there with you.

    I'm hoping the two pounds come quickly so that all of you may have a better car experience.

    Love the Lila and Ferg pics. They are a perfect pair.

  2. Kylee-
    so cute! it is still so fun to see how lila is doing and how it relates to will! a month or so ago he could not figure out how to sit from took about a week and he figured it out...mostly going onto his knees...but at first he would just fall down! :) funny. he just popped his 2 top teeth through...although he is now in a trend of waking around 4-430am...and sometimes going back to sleep! :) oh well! this too shall pass...

    have fun with lila!

  3. Poor Lila and the mosquito bites - does she scratch them?

  4. Ha! I LOVE the first photo and the last. Too cute.

  5. I LOVE that Lila is a dog person. (Any time cubby comes around Bell...she says "Cubby-GO EAT")..... I'm hoping this passes....

    Love you guys!



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