Lila Lunes: Theme of this week: STANDING.

Ignore the spacing issues in this post. They're driving me crazy, but I'm kind of tired and don't want to fix them.
Lila is standing all the time. As you read this, she's probably standing.

And, as one of my friends mentioned last week - she just figured out how to sit down, wah-la! So 85% of the time she doesn't need our assistance in getting out of her standing position. It's awesome.

Here's Miss Lila standing at her shopping cart in her pj's.
I love babies in pajamas. 

(I'm going to do a heavy-on-the-pictures Lila update this week so that I can enjoy the rest of my Mother's Day...)

Here we go...


This would be my favorite, "eyes closed" picture of the week.
(I love that belly.) 

Here's Lila in her $53 peso pool ($4.13 USD).
She loves it. 

 Blowing bubbles. I.e. spitting.

So we put Lila in the pool and guess what she immediately starting doing?
Lapping up the water like her sister, Ferg.
She's barking and drinking water out of the pool.
And, earlier this week she was trying to pick up a golf ball with her mouth. Like Ferg. 

Speaking of Ferg, I was so happy I caught this hug between sisters.
(I love the big smile on Lila's face.)

 "Yay! I found it! This is my favorite bristle block!"


Yep. She's eating Ferg's bone.
UGH. I love this kid.

"More blueberries, por favor?"

She's pumped because she grabbed the remote.
Lila embarks on a daily quest to find the remote and when she does, she SQUEALS with excitement. Then we usually take it out of her hands while she's still squealing at which point she looks at her hands and wonders, "WHERE DID IT GO??? I JUST HAD IT."

Serious Lila.
(Yes, I know there are tons of highchair seats. Let's best honest: it's because Lila eats a lot AND because it's the only time she's really contained.)

On the phone talking to Aunt Taryn.
(Aunt Taryn, LILA LOVES YOU!)

Lately giving Ferg food. 

Love this dress. It's super-thing cotton which is PERFECT when it's as hot as it is here right now.
It was given to Lila from Aunt J. in Toledo.

A full-on shot.

I mean, she is a Mexican.

Mother's Day.

Laughing at Ferg.

 Mommy's girl.

And, my favorite picture of the week...

Have a wonderful week!

P.S. Here are some pretty great and SHORT videos.

The first one is of Lila doing her new dance move: the head bob. (5 seconds)

This one is of Lila and her Daddy playing... (20 seconds)


  1. STACKING! STANDING! she's so advanced!

    it sometimes amazes me how much further along she is than jude, those few months really mean big changes when they are this age. CA-RAZY!

    i can't wait to get our little pool out too! but you know ohio, still too cold here.

  2. Um. Your daughter The look on her face with the remote is FANTASTIC. :) I know I've seen that ornery face on you before.

    (The hug with Ferg was priceless. You know that's the stuff that gets me!)

    (I also love that she's only still when she's eating. Ha!)

  3. i most enjoyed the sombrero on her head and Craig making her make that noise in the video.

  4. I love the Mother's Day shot of the two of you. So cute!

    And that pink sombrero! I'm jealous!

    She's so big. I can't believe we are coming up on a year! Where did the time go?

  5. Oh, K...she is absolutely adorable, and I can't wait for the day that I can finally meet your precious babe live and in person.

    I loved the video with Craig and Lila. Kevin used to do that with our kids all the time when they were that size and they loved it too.

    And I have too many favorite photos from your post to narrow it down to just one. :)


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