Lila Lunes:
Still 10 months old...

5/16/2010 11:08:00 PM

Q. How's Lila?
A. Funny. As I'm writing this on Sunday afternoon she's been "singing" in her crib for close to an hour. I think she's too excited to sleep and is ready for her Daddy to come home.

Q. Where was Craig?
A. Craig was in L.A.-la land from Thursday to Sunday visiting his best friend. It was his first time away from Lila since her birth and it was our first-ever girls' weekend. We had a really great time - however, I don't think I want to be a single-parent. It's hard to sleep in when you're the only one in charge. (So it seems, Ferg is not the best co-parent.)

Q. How often does Lila sleep at this point?
A. Oh, we're a lucky family. Lila goes to bed around 8 pm and gets up around 8:30 am. She naps at 10 until 11. Then, usually from 2 until 4. Then it all repeats. We have learned that she does not function well if she a.) skips a nap or b.) get to bed too late.

 Q. So, how's Lila eating these days?
A. Really well! She loves grapes (peeled) and has really started to enjoy yogurt and some cheese. Moderation is the key with Lila. Otherwise, she'd eat until she blows up. (Seriously. It's happened before.)

Q. Is Lila still nursing?
A. Indeed. She nurses in the morning and the evening and has a bottle or two during the day. Sadly, if I try to breast feed her during the day on the days that I'm working from home she wants nothing to do with it. She's growing up already...

Q. How long do I plan on breastfeeding?
A. My goal, at this point, is one year. We're about five weeks away from said goal and I'm ok with it. For a while there my milk decreased hugely and I'm now back to pumping FIVE TIMES a day. (Heavy sigh. I hate pumping.) But at this point, I'm in it to win it. Win what? Not sure about that... perhaps merely a sense of accomplishment.

In all honesty, I've never committed to anything (except my husband and my marriage) the way that I've committed to breastfeeding and pumping. Insane that we're coming up on a year.

So anywho, when we get to the one-year-point -- I believe that we'll see what Lila's interested in. If she wants to continue nursing in the morning, awesome. If she wants to nurse at night, that's fine, too. Me? I'm not so sure that pumping will continue at the same rate. Nope. In all honesty, it will not. It will be my emancipation. Call me selfish, but I think I've earned the right to have my body back. Oh, and those teeth in Lila's mouth? They hurt.

Q. How's the weather?
A. Hot. Lila's been running around topless wearing only diaper covers to stave off the heat rash. :)

Q. Does Lila like swimming?
A. Lila's a fickle pickle. She loves things sometimes, then hates them two minutes later. What can you do? I'll tell you what she does love... getting sunscreen rubbed on her ears. It induces her to laugh hysterically.

Alright, that's about all for the week. It was a good one and for the record, Lila and Ferg continue to be besties. In fact, when I walk into Lila's room Sunday morning to wake her up she was absolutely ANNOYED that Ferg wasn't with me. She smiles and laughs at Ferg, not me.

See below:
"Mommy. Where's my dog?"

And the pics for the week...

We encourage standing topless in front of transparent (as opposed to frosted) glass doors.

My favorite closed-eyes picture of the week.
I love Ferg and Lila.
Lila's laughing and Ferg's head is tilted because she's listening to some very important directions that Lila is relaying.

 "I'm in m pool! With my teaspoon! THIS is the life."

Craig caught this one.
She's sleeping on her belly, knees tucked under, head on Petal.
Big eyes. Feathered hair.

Somebody cuddles with Gil the Gorilla at least 4 times per day for 30-second intervals.

Kisses from Lizzy with Buttercup (Ferg's sister) looking on.
(My sister's dogs.)

Lizzy and Lila are close amigas.

Swimming at Aunt T's with Clo and her friend, Callie.

...Oh, to be Lila...

And, my favorite picture of the week...
(She's smiling like that because she LOVES when she's in reach of my computer.)
 And that, my friends - is all for this week.




  1. Something about her looks so much older this week. I just can not believe it.

    I LOVE this age, don't you?

  2. I LOVE Lila's palm tree float! What a cute little burrito! (And Ferg's pretty darn adorable too.)

  3. jude sleeps face down the EXACT same way in Lila's picture there every single night. weirdo.

    when you make it to a year of BFing i will throw you a virtual party. i also HATE HATE pumping and i'm so very proud of you for hanging in there. there's nothing fun about it at all and your dedication is AWESOME.

    five weeks to a freaking year, WHOA.

    i also love the palm tree float! look at her, oh, she's so chic.

  4. I love these Lila posts! The pics were great this week - I want to steal her pool float!

  5. That picture of Lila in the pool where Ferg is looking at her....I think Ferg is sticking her tongue out her and that is why she is laughing! Oh those kids!! She does look older in these pictures, ecspecially the one with the water bottle!!


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