Lila Lunes:
Screaming & Sharing

Hello big eyes!

Q. So what's new with Lila?
A. Lila has found her voice. Her super-loud, outside-but-uses-it-inside voice. Girlfriend loves to scream. And loudly. I'm trying so hard not to laugh when she does it... and I even have tried to scream louder than her... she jut SCREAMS even louder... then of course, laughs hysterically.

I can safely say that we're definitely seeing Miss Lila's personality shine through...

 Q. Does Lila like to swim?
A. Yes, but more importantly she loves crawling in and out of her pool over and over and over and over again.

Q. What else is Lila all about doing?
A. Giving. Lila's a giver. She loves to hand her toys (found objects) to you. She also does this over and over again. :) Here she is offering me her phone.

And, she loves playing with her Tinkerbell ball. She loves to throw it, run after it, then throw it again. (Yes, some define that as fetch. We know.)

AND, Lila is literally popping up everywhere. Are you sitting at the table? Bam! There's Lila hanging off of it...

Q. Anything new happen with Lila this week?
A. Indeed. She unfortunately got her first fat lip this week. She got into a fight with some locals. No kidding, though - she started crawling a bit faster than what her hands could handle and did a face plant into the tile. (Sigh... I swear we're good parents.)

Look at that little profile. So sad.
(The fat lip was gone the next day.)

Q. What have you decided about childrens' toys?
A. I've decided that children don't need a lot of toys at all. Here's why: they like spatulas, cardboard boxes, magazines, old sunglasses and yes, old blackberries. Oh wait! Don't forget remotes. Do you have an extra? Give it to your child.

So, save your cash - recycle your current belongings (after you anti-bacterialize them, of course) and offer them to your favorite baby.

-->On to the pictures...

So, it was a fabulously wonderful week for Lila. Why? Because the swing she got from her Aunt and Uncle in Columbus is now up and READY. SHE ADORES it.

Here she is smiling the minute we put her in it.

Here's the video...

The gantsta lean just sort of happened after about 10 minutes of swinging.

Yawning? Yes.
Get her out of the swing? Absolutely not.
She would sleep in it, if possible.

 Lila wore pigtails for the first time this week.

I love this face.

We're attempting giving the little lady a spoon...

Here's the sweetie eating avocado...

...the avocado won.

If she could be the spokesbaby for cheerios...

That wind-up Easter chick still has her laughing.

Good morning, sweet pickle!

"Please let me out. I hate baby gates."

Playing with the COOLEST blocks EVER.
They're from Lila's aunt and they're awesome.
(We're super big into blocks in this house.)

"Would you like this, mommy?"

Eating the block. Love this face.

And, after a bath...

My favorite eyes-closed picture of the week.
(How great is my sister's yard?)

And... my favorite picture of the week.
Lila and her Daddy.

Have a good week, ya'll!

One of my favorite videos of the week...


  1. I don't know what it is, but when she's eating she looks so frickin cute to me! I want to pinch the crap out of her.

  2. LOVE! the first photo she look ADORABLE!!!
    Tie Deb

  3. I love your theory on kid toys. I totally remember playing with sticks and jars and collandars. I can't imagine how cool a BlackBerry would have been to me as a kid! I will hand on to my old phones for sure!


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