Lila Lunes:
11 months
28 days until the big ONE.

Aside from the fact that Lila is forward-aging more quickly than Benjamin Button aged backwards and it's kind of wigging me out, all is well.

If I had to sum up my sweetie pie at this moment I'd say: BUSY. Lila is go, go, go, go, GO. GO NOW.

She's not walking yet, but don't think that stops her. She has far more to do than you and I combined.

Q. Anything new with Lila?
A. Yes. In fact, she's grinding her teeth now. She's been doing it for about 4 days now.

These are her teeth: one and a half on the top, two on the bottom.
Yes, she's grinding 3.5 teeth.

Q. Is this tooth-grinding normal?
A. Um, I guess so. It's actually called, "bruxism" (for both adults and children) and it's normal at this age when the wee ones are teething.  The sound, though? It's excruciating. Nails on chalkboard.

Q. Is there anything you can do to make it go away?
A. Is there anything we can do to make Spencer and Heidi go away? Exactly.


We just have to wait it out.

Q. So is Lila growing?
A. Absolutely. However, she's still under 20 lbs. In fact, she's 18.4 lbs at this point. Slow and steady wins the prize. (Or whatever...)

Q. Is she still crying in the car?
A. NO! My sister bought us this AWESOME mirror and it's great. Why? Because she can see out of the front winshield AND she can see herself in it. I love it. I wish I would have bought it, oh, I don't know - SIX months ago. ($17.99 on amazon and it doesn't matter if you have a back headrest or not, it can tether to the little tether thing on the back of your seat. It works perfectly in the middle of my Jeep Grand Cherokee.)

I took a boat load of pictures this week with the new camera. Ready? (Oh, and no. Lila doesn't wear shirts unless she's in public. We figure she can be as unencumbered here as possible. And, I refuse to turn on my air until June 1st.)

Feeding Lila her mixture of plain, no-sugar-added yogurt and organic oatmeal is always eventful.
Oddly, The Cupcake reminds me of a baby bird.

I can't help but love that sweet, messy smile.

Melon is serious business in this house.
Don't touch her melon.
She's serious.
Don't touch it.

(I love this one. Doesn't she look like she's talking like a pirate?
"Matey, hands of me melon, k? Arggggg")

Super-cute ruffle butt bottoms C. bought her from this place in CA.

Climbing on Craig as he is playing with the new camera.

For some reason, this photo reminds me of attitude I may be getting in the not-so-distant future.

Sweet baby face.

I'm sorry. Did you say something?

Oh, just swimmin' in my mini pool...

So, at the suggestion of my cousin we bought Lila this new, no-spill snack container. ($7.49 for 2 of them on amazon.)
It's pretty fabulous. Theoretically it helps kids pull out just one or two snacks, as opposed to a whole fistful.
...yeah, it took a few days to get used to this one.
She was afraid of it.
Now, she fearlessly puts her hand in it.

And yes, her she is eating goldfish.
And yes, I did have a mini-wig out before giving them to her.
"There's so much salt in these... should I give them her?!"
My creative side beat my reasonable side: I mean, they're colorful. 
What's better for kids then red, yellow, blue and green dye?!
She lives.

And now comes the part of the Lila Lunes update that shows just how in love with one another Lila and Ferg are.

Lila: "Come with me. We shall take on the world."
Ferg: "Ok."

Lila: "See this bear? I will throw it. You will get it."
Ferg: "Ok"

Lila: "Now I will kiss you. Hold still."
Ferg: "Ok."

Lila: "See this golf ball? I will throw it. You will get it."
Ferg: "Ok"
This goes on day after day.

Cousin Brody came over to visit this week.
Lila was pumped. As was I. He is PRECIOUS.

It may not look that way, but she was being so precious with him.
She was petting him, like she pets Ferg.

And of course they were holding hands.

How cute is this? I love how Brody's arm is on the side of the chair.

"See my foot?"

At this point, Lila is LOVING books...

...both reading them and eating them.

Lila's crazy hair in all of it's humid and sweaty glory.

And the back.
It's both straight and curly.
(Of course it is. She is her Aunt T.)

This past weekend we went to a local beach-restaurant and watched the surfers.
Lila watched, too.

Then we tried the baby swing at the restaurant...

She hated it.
(She looks so small.)

And now, the many faces of Lila...

I love her.

 And my second favorite picture of the week.

Lila kissing Ferg.

And, Lila hugging her stuffed animal, Gil the Gorilla, and hugging Ferg simultaneously.
Who said she isn't an animal lover?

Have a great week!


  1. Wow what an absolute doll!! Thank you for all the pictures!! I think it's too cute the Lila and Fergie pictures! The pics of her with her cousin are priceless! Someday she will be so appreciative of that memory!!

  2. I love her many faces! ...and I love her with Ferg. Makes me want a dog SO BAD!

  3. Oh I remember the kids grinding their was awful!!! It's like nails on a chalkboard! Anyway, she is super adorable! I can't believe she is going to be one soon and I can't wait to see her again! Hugs!

  4. Awesome pics this week, KB!

  5. those are some really cute babies! babies in cute underwear-like-pants, babies kissing and hugging dogs, babies with teeth (the gritting part made me cringe thousands of miles away)!!
    can't believe the year mark is JUST around the corner. even I'm in awe and i didn't birth or participate in any way in raising Lila!

  6. Ugh. Ellie STILL grinds her teeth when she sleeps. I can't stand it, but so far the dentist isn't concerned.

    So many wonderful pictures! I LOVE them all.

    Please don't ever stop Lila Lunes!!

  7. I cannot believe she is that close to being one! I love the shot of her teeth! (**and I love that we can now "like" a post. ;-))

  8. This was a FABULOUS Lila Lunes. :) So cute! So funny! Such great pictures! I loved the whole thing. I agree: No need to stop these when she hits 12 months. The masses, they are clearly pleased.

    (I, too, am flabbergasted that you gave birth to this wee one almost a year ago. This year has FLOWN. So, so great. :))

  9. Fantastic pics this week! And i am loving her personality!


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